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  • Briana Bolin

    The staff was professional and courteous.

  • John Jarema

    I was injured at work and lost my career and struggled for years but with the help from the staff and Howard Silverman we developed a relationship that helped me deal with everything, more so then I could ever put in words, and after years of preparation, Howard lit up the court room with full determination, to fight for what was taken from me and my family and the outcome was more than I could have imagined the income taken was replaced with past and future earnings and more ,money doesn't fix every thing but has helped with the worries of my future , I never could had done it alone and I would like to give thanks to the entire Haggery & Silverman family.

  • Lee Gamelin

    With great enthusiasm and esteemed admiration, I recommend the office of Haggerty & Silverman for legal services because of its stellar professionalism and unsurpassed integrity. Attorney Silverman's dedication to my case was apparent through various carefully planned strategies such as consulting with experts in the medical and technical fields, while working closely with other highly qualified Haggerty & Silverman staff, such as Attorney Samuel Encarnacion and Mss. Sandy and Tracy Meehan, whose expertise greatly contributed to my case. Mr. Silverman's approach during depositions, trial and thoroughness were rivaled only by the compassion and respect that he provided me throughout my ordeal. Mr. Silverman's sensitivity allowed me to feel comfortable in disclosing pertinent, personal information which, in turn, fashioned a formidable case for my situation. He made sure that I knew all the updates of the case through e-mails, phone calls, letters, and periodic meetings, and welcomed my comments and answered all my questions. Trusting Haggerty & Silverman to handle my case was a wise decision and I would do it again with no hesitation.

  • Tom Ly

    Very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

  • TK Ly

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  • Brooklin Sanbula

    no text entered.

  • John K.

    Like to discuss malpractice lawsuit.

  • Schan Gladden

    The best in their field & the Lancaster area !!!!

  • Chipper Cutting