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Product Liability

Product Liability

Lancaster Product Liability Lawyer

Each year Pennsylvania attorneys advocate thousands of products liability cases, where a defective product has caused trauma to an individual. Most people take for granted that manufacturers will carefully ensure product safety before selling a product to the public. Others assume that the government will safeguard us from injury. Even now, in the 21st century, we continue to read about how our children are subject to injury through the use of toys tainted with lead-based paint and other defects. It is clear that some product manufacturers and distributors pay insufficient regard to product safety.

Cases which qualify as products liability cases are those where a consumer is injured by a product notwithstanding the proper use of a product and adherence to product safety guidelines. In such circumstances, the manufacturer might be responsible and can be sued for negligence or strict liability. “Strict liability” is a term used to describe a situation in which a person can be held liable for damages caused to another person even without intent or fault. The plaintiff in a strict liability claim does not have to prove that the manufacturer did not act reasonably in manufacturing the product or that they intended to harm someone with their product. A plaintiff must only prove that the product was defective, that he or she was using the product in a manner consistent with the way it was intended for use, and that the product was not substantially changed since it left the manufacturer or reseller, in order for the defendant to be liable to pay damages under a product liability theory. A product liability lawyer is a professional who’s an expert in advocating such cases.

A product is anything that is sold- a hair dryer, toaster, baby chair or toy- except services and real estate. Machinery used in industry, in the office, or in the home is often the cause of injury and product liability litigation. The same is true of food products and drug products sold over-the-counter or by prescription. Manufacturers and sellers of defective products, or products whose labels or instructions don’t include product safety guidelines, or fail to warn you of the likely hazards of improper use, may be responsible for any injury caused by these products.

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