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Dram Shop Injury

Pennsylvania Dram Shop Law

When a restaurant or bar serves too much alcohol, they are putting the public at risk. Serving a customer until they are drunk causes a danger when that customer gets behind the wheel. When a person is over-served and they injure or kill someone, the bar or restaurant could also be responsible. Dram shop law allows compensation for those injured and their surviving family.

Haggerty Silverman & Justice does not represent drunk drivers in claims against the bar or restaurant.

Rules Of Dram Shop Liability

Places with a liquor license are not allowed to serve alcohol to visibly drunk customers. Additionally, they may not provide alcohol to a minor. When a business breaks the above rules, they risk public safety. As such, any damage a drunk customer causes is also the fault of the business that served the alcohol.

Dram Shop Civil Cases

In dram shop cases, civil law allows those injured to seek financial recovery from the business that served the alcohol. Additionally, in cases of death, the surviving family may sue for damages. But, dram shop law does not cover injuries or death of the drunk driver.
Dram shop doesn’t only cover injuries by drunk drivers. A drunk walking down the street might fall into someone else. If the other person is injured, dram shop law allows the injured person to sue the drunk and the place that served the alcohol.

Drunk Driver Kills Newlywed Bride On Wedding Day
Sue DUI Driver After A Crash

Social Host Dram Shop Injury

In Pennsylvania, social hosts have less civil liability in dram shop law. If a social party host allows minors access to alcohol, the host is responsible for any injury the minor may cause. Again, this covers any injuries or death caused by the minor.

Dram Shop Accountability

If there were no incentive, restaurants and bars would serve as much alcohol as a customer could buy. Obviously, this poses a danger to the community. Being directly accountable for injuries and deaths caused by alcohol is the incentive to not serve a drunk person.
When bars and restaurants serve too much alcohol to their customers, people get hurt. Help us punish negligent bars, clubs, and restaurants. When greedy businesses put profit above public safety, they should be punished. Those injured by drunk drivers deserve compensation.

Lancaster Dram Shop Injury Law Firm

At Haggerty Silverman & Justice, we help people injured by drunk drivers. We punish drunk drivers. Our attorneys are also experienced with dram shop injury and death cases. We work hard to punish negligent companies who put people’s lives at risk. Schedule your free consultation today.
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Dram Shop Injury FAQs
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