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Business Insurance Bad Faith

Business Insurance Bad Faith Claims

Business insurance policies are meant to protect a company and its interests. Dealing with insurance with a valid claim is often a difficult and time-consuming experience. But, do you have a business insurance bad faith claim?

Bad Faith Insurance

When insurance denies a valid claim, it could be a simple mistake. But, how do you know if your business insurance is acting in bad faith? When should you talk to a lawyer?

Examples Of Business Insurance Bad Faith

When you suspect your insurance is acting in bad faith, contact an experienced law firm. Getting advice from a specialized lawyer will help you understand your options. Here are some basic examples when a bad faith claim is possible:

  • Denying coverage
  • Failure to pay valid insurance claims
  • Failing to defend the policyholder
  • Denying claim without a reasonable investigation
  • Refusal to settle a claim within policy limits
  • Unreasonably delaying claim payment

Business Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Commercial bad faith insurance claims are tricky. Speaking to a specialized lawyer will help you understand your options. We have a bad faith commercial insurance lawyer on staff for all your questions.

Business Insurance Policy Review

Let our business insurance bad faith lawyer take a look at your commercial insurance policy. Our legal team will help you determine the best way to proceed. Schedule a consultation today.

Bad Faith Case Studies

We’ve handled a lot of bad faith lawsuits. This case involved a flooded manufacturing facility. Insurance paid the initial claim. But, months later the floor started sinking.

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