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Truck Accidents

Lancaster Truck Accident Lawyer

Every year thousands of innocent Americans lose their lives and/or experience grave physical and emotional trauma as a consequence of road accidents. Numbers reveal that 20,000 vehicle accidents involving tractor trailer trucks take place in our country each year, which means that every 16 minutes there’s someone who’s either killed or is severely injured by trucks. Some people ignore the risks because they think that they drive safe enough.

The fact is that truck accidents could happen to anyone because it is difficult or impossible to compensate quickly enough to avoid collisions with negligent or reckless truck drivers, or to offset the impact of a faulty product installed in a truck. As of now the situation doesn’t seem to be getting better as auto accidents involving big rig trucks are on the rise.

The problem is not simply one of statistics. Forget ethics and morals, when such a tragedy befalls an individual, those who are to blame may aggressively engage in self-preservation tactics. “Hit and run” accidents involving truckers are an example of such tactics. Truck parts manufacturers may engage in a different type of “hit and run”. Most manufacturers of truck parts, products and devices are ethical. Unfortunately, however, many others view personal injury claims merely as a cost of doing business, and they are prepared to fight even when they know that their product is defective. They may attempt to manipulate the individual when he or she is most vulnerable simply for their own financial gain.

Sad but true, often these systematic efforts by those involved yield results, and the poor individual and his family are left to deal with the catastrophe all by themselves. If the truck accident results in death, the victim’s dependents may have a tough time ahead of them financially, on top of the grief from having lost a loved one. Because of the weight of a tractor trailer, straight truck, box truck or other heavy truck relative to cars, motorcycles and bicycles, those who survive truck accidents are often so severely injured that recovery will take a long time, accompanied by many lifestyle adjustments. And on top of physical injuries, injured persons have to deal with insurance companies, foot huge medical bills, and bear the lost wages that often follow severe truck accidents.

We Are Lancaster’s Trusted Accident Lawyers

Our truck accident attorneys have seen it all when it comes to personal injury claims arising from truck accidents. With more than fifty years of experience, we understand the financial impact a truck accident may have on individuals and their families. Our compassionate and personalized approach towards our clients forms the core of our practice. When our Lancaster, Pennsylvania accident lawyers undertake a case they truly understand your need for a full, fair, resolution of your claims. Unlike some firms, we work as a team, where cases are assessed and worked upon by more than one lawyer, to foster a full flow of ideas relating to truck accident personal injury claim. Immediately after a truck accident, you need to focus on your physical recovery, but financial issues cannot be ignored. We can handle everything for you, and we make it easy.

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