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Charter Bus Crash Attorney

Charter Bus Crash Attorney

If you have been injured in a charter bus crash, an attorney can help protect your rights. People that have been injured in a charter bus crash should talk to an experienced attorney. If a loved one dies as the result of a charter bus crash, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death claim.

What Causes A Charter Bus Crash?

There can be many factors that can lead to or cause a charter bus crash. Common factors may include:

  • driver mistakes
  • speeding
  • driving too fast for conditions
  • lack of driver training
  • poor/improper vehicle maintenance

After A Charter Bus Crash

We would advise anyone injured in a charter bus crash to talk to an attorney in the state where the crash occurred. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options – even if you don’t want to file a lawsuit.

How Can A Charter Bus Crash Attorney Help?

Free Consultation

One of the best things an injury attorney provides is a free consultation. Consultations are a free way for you to ask any questions you have. The attorney can also explain what you could expect and how the law applies to your situation.

Point Of Contact

When you have an attorney, they handle all contact with insurance and the charter bus company representatives. You don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing, your attorney will handle it.


Your attorney will investigate all aspects of the crash that caused your injury. If negligence is a factor, your attorney will make sure to identify any party responsible for your injury.


Injury attorneys know the claims process. Your attorney will try to negotiate the best possible outcome for your case. It doesn’t happen often, but an attorney can also take your case to court when necessary.

Free Consultation With A Charter Bus Crash Attorney

Talk to an attorney if you have been injured, or a loved one has died, in a charter bus crash. At Haggerty Silverman & Justice, we are here to help you. Contact us today for a free legal consultation with an attorney.

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