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Bus Accident Lawyer In Lancaster

Public transportation is a reliable way to get around the Lancaster area. People put a lot of trust in the driving skills of the bus operator. However, a bus accident can happen. If you have injuries from a bus accident, talk to an injury lawyer near you.

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Bus Accidents In Lancaster

People using public transportation deserve safety. When a bus passenger receives an injury, they could be eligible for compensation. Having an experienced lawyer handle your case can make your claim experience easier. We’ve helped people file injury claims against Red Rose Transit, Rabbit Transit, and others.

Bus Accident Injuries

Public transportation buses are usually filled with dozens of people without seatbelts. When a bus is in a crash, those people are vulnerable to injuries. Typical injuries in a bus crash:

Bus Injury Medical Expenses

If you’re injured on a public transportation bus, talk to an attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice. Medical expenses can pile up quickly. It can be overwhelming for one person to manage. But, an experienced legal team will track your injury-related bills and expenses. Plus, an attorney 

Public Transportation Injury Claims

Almost anyone injured on public transportation has trouble filing a claim for compensation. These companies make it hard to discourage and frustrate people on purpose. They don’t want to pay out, even when the company is clearly at fault. But, a Lancaster bus accident lawyer from Haggerty Silverman & Justice can help.

We can help people with injury claims against public transportation, tour buses, trains, and more. Contact us for a free injury consultation.

Free Bus Accident Consultation In Lancaster, PA

Haggerty Silverman & Justice is your trusted Lancaster injury law firm. Call us for a free consultation. We have been serving Lancaster and the surrounding areas since 1994. Lancaster County has voted us the top injury law firm 5 years in a row. Just call us, and you’ll discover why we’re the best.

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