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Halloween Pedestrian Safety – Infographic

Halloween Pedestrian Safety

Halloween is the most dangerous night of the year for pedestrians. It’s true. More people are injured or killed on Halloween than any other time of the year. Sadly, this includes children too. Halloween pedestrian safety is a major concern. But, we’ve got tips to help you stay safe while collecting candy.

halloween pedestrian safety inforgraphic

Halloween Costume Safety

Safety starts with a good costume. When choosing a Halloween costume, it is important to consider visibility. A costume in all black is not a good idea for walking the streets in the evening. Try to find an outfit in bright colors. Additionally, take a flashlight and consider adding reflective tape for improved visibility.

Costumes with masks should be avoided. A mask may block your vision and make it more difficult to see around you. Consider using makeup instead.

trick or treat costume safety

Trick Or Treat Walking Safety

When going door to door in search of candy, stay on the sidewalk. Always keep pedestrian safety in mind. Only cross the street at a crosswalk. Never assume a driver can see you, wait until the driver stops to let you cross. Always look both ways before and while crossing the street.

Choose a part of the neighborhood with lit streets and sidewalks. Walk on brightly lit streets. Don’t walk alone, trick or treat with others. Halloween pedestrian safety increases in larger groups. There is increased safety in numbers!

children's halloween pedestrian safety - Lancaster injury attorney Haggerty & Silverman

Lancaster Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

In the event your or a loved one are injured as a pedestrian this Halloween, we can help. The Lancaster pedestrian injury attorneys in our office will discuss your options. Understand what you can do and choose the best way to proceed.

Call or text us anytime at 717-397-3200. Or, fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you to set up an appointment. Haggerty & Silverman provides free consultations for any injury situation. Don’t hesitate to call us for any legal questions you have. We’re here to help!