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The lawyers at Haggerty Silverman & Justice are serious about helping injured people. Our attorneys have obtained some of biggest payouts in Pennsylvania injury cases. We try to work with all parties, but when that fails we aren’t afraid to take the case to the courtroom. From the very first moment we meet you to the end of your case, Haggerty Silverman & Justice is always on your side.

Subcontractor Foot Injury: $3,780,000 jury verdict in a subcontractor foot injury case.

$375,000 slip and fall on ice in a parking lot

$300,000 sledding injury settlement

$287,500 motor vehicle accident

Motor Vehicle Accident: $900,000 recovery for wrongful death and survival claims stemming from a tractor trailer accident.

$475,000 fall on public transit bus

$335,000 school bus accident

Pedestrian Hit By A Car: $1,500,000 settlement for a pedestrian injury when she was hit at high speed.

$265,000 for a client shot in a bar

$475,000 injured delivery driver

Product Liability Claim: $4,750,000 recovery in a product liability motor vehicle underride crash resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

$440,000 motorcycle accident

$375,000 fall from a ladder

Minor Car Accident: $219,500 settlement. Seemingly minor collision with serious pain the day after a car accident. Limited tort insurance.

$300,000 injury on a trampoline

$300,000 death resulting from a trip and fall

Insurance Bad Faith: $1,200,000 recovery related to a commercial insurance policy claim when the insurance company mishandled a fire loss.

$300,000 motor vehicle accident settlement

$250,000 car accident settlement

Premises Liability: $450,000 settlement after a trip hazard injury at a local department store.