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Zimmer Hip Implant

Hip replacements are complex procedures. One product promised to make it easier. The Zimmer hip implant meant to change lives. But, faulty product design led to many injuries.

Zimmer Products

Zimmer is a big manufacturer of medical products. In fact, they make products for almost every part of the body. They have a lot of experience. But, when their Kinectiv hip implant had problems they hid the evidence.

zimmer hip implant recall

Zimmer Hip Implant Recall

Zimmer Kinectiv, like DePuy, is a metal hip implant. The joint is a metal ball that fits in a metal socket. The FDA had complaints of metal toxicity in patients with Zimmer implants. In further research, the FDA found the metal parts were grinding together.
This metal-on-metal hip implant was causing high levels of metal poisoning. The FDA issued a recall on the Kinectiv implant device.

Problem With Metal Hip Implants

Zimmer wasn’t the first metal-on-metal hip implant. In fact, DePuy hit the market a few years before. Many patients with DePuy hip implants faced a recall over the same problems. But, FDA loopholes allow similar products to come to market without proper testing.

doctors hip surgery

Medical Device Recall

It is scary for a patient to find out a part of them is on recall. It’s not like taking your car to the mechanic to fix the problem while you wait. A medical device recall is complicated. Even though there is a recall, doctors tell patients to wait for symptoms.
But, what should you do if they recall your replacement hip? How can you protect yourself in case something goes wrong?

When To Talk To A Lawyer

If you have a medical implant that has a recall, talk to your doctor. Then, find a product liability lawyer in your area. No one wants to wait for symptoms that could be life-threatening. A product liability lawyer can help protect your rights, even if you don’t have problems yet.

elderly couple hip implant problems lawyer

Zimmer Hip Implant Lawyer

When you need help, Haggerty & Silverman is here for you. We are your faulty hip replacement lawyer in Lancaster, PA. Call or text us at 717-397-3200. Or, use our online form to schedule a free Zimmer hip implant recall consultation. Our consultations are always free. You never pay us unless we recover money for you.

Statute Of Limitations

Product liability and medical malpractice claims have a time limit. Under the law, this is the statute of limitations. While there are some exceptions, most patients have 2 years to file a claim. In some cases, this time limit starts the date of the injury. Sometimes, the timer starts when you realize there is a problem. Don’t wait until it is too late, get free advice from a lawyer today.