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Xeljanz Lawsuits

Xeljanz is a prescription medication used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. If you have taken this prescription, you should learn more about Xeljanz lawsuits and how you may qualify for compensation.

xeljanz lawsuits attorney

Xeljanz To Treat Arthritis

The drug works by blocking the activity of certain enzymes in the body that impact immune function. In some cases, Xeljanz is used on its own or with additional medications. Patients are warned against using Xeljanz if they are allergic to tofacitinib, the generic name of Xeljanz, or if they have any infections. Additionally, patients should let their doctor know about any side effects they experience.

Known Side Effects Of Xeljanz

Prior to starting Xeljanz, there is a list of symptoms that patients are warned about. When starting any new prescription medication, it is important to know of any possible symptoms you may experience while on the medication. It is on the manufacturer of the medication, and the FDA, to make these warnings clear to any potential users of the drug. Symptoms that patients may find themselves having include:

  • painful breathing 
  • shortness of breath
  • pain and swelling in limbs
  • chest pain 

Risk Versus Benefit

As with any other prescription medication, patients weigh the risks against the benefits. When you know the risks associated with the medication, you can decide if it is worth the risk for you. But, when manufacturers hide known side effects people can’t make an informed decision on their health.

Undisclosed Side Effects

The problem with Xeljanz is the manufacturer knew about certain side effects but did not warn customers or potential customers. Many people, had they known about the undisclosed side effects, probably wouldn’t have taken this medication.

Xeljanz Safety Trial Results 

Although Xeljanz was initially by the FDA in 2011, there have been ongoing safety trials for this prescription drug. In February 2021, the FDA announced that using Xeljanz can lead to an increased risk of heart-related problems as well as cancer. The studies also form a link between taking Xeljanz, blood clots, and other serious health problems. 

undisclosed side effects attorney

Talk To Your Doctor

Despite the findings made in February of 2021, patients are advised to keep taking Xeljanz. The FDA does not advise patients to stop taking the medication without consulting their doctor first. Talk to your doctor before stopping this medication.

Continued Testing Is Important

Continued lab tests of prescription medication are important for patient health and safety. These tests alert patients and doctors of potential problems. It is important that the FDA shares this information to remain honest and transparent with the public. However, the manufacturers of Xeljanz are still susceptible to being sued by any patients who have suffered adverse effects due to the drug. 

Xeljanz Lawsuits 

People taking Xeljanz have an increased risk for side effects that were not disclosed to them. Additionally, it is possible – even probable – Pfizer was aware of the undisclosed side effects. People who have suffered adverse effects due to Xeljanz may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. To qualify as a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Pfizer, you must be able to prove that:

  • you were prescribed Xeljanz to treat arthritis symptoms
  • your prescription was 10mg or more of Xeljanz
  • you suffered serious blood clot-related injuries, cancer, kidney damage, or another related medical event

Lawsuits Against Pfizer

If you qualify to file a claim against Pfizer, you may sue them on the basis that they failed to warn you of the side effects you have experienced. In this lawsuit, you may seek compensation for your suffering.

Pending Xeljanz Lawsuits

There have been over 100 counts of patients suffering a pulmonary embolism from taking Xeljanz. This is not counting how many other patients have suffered from other serious health-related problems as a result of taking Xeljanz. Additionally, there are likely others that didn’t realize their problems were caused by Xeljanz.

arthritis prescription side effects

Xeljanz Lawsuit Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious health-related issue as a result of taking Xeljanz, you may qualify for a claim against Pfizer. Talk to a trusted attorney to discuss your next steps and get started on your road to compensation.

Xeljanz Attorney In Lancaster

To speak with an experienced attorney, contact a Lancaster injury attorney at Haggerty & Silverman for a free consultation. Contact us for a free legal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.