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Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Why do I need car insurance? We hear this question all the time. There are several reasons. To answer this question, we look at car insurance coverage in Pennsylvania.

Car Insurance Is Required By Law

The first reason you need car insurance is that the law requires it. All states require some kind of financial responsibility for drivers. In most situations, this means car insurance. Under Pennsylvania law, drivers must have car insurance.

car crash injury lawyer

Drivers Without Car Insurance

Despite the legal requirement, 13% of all drivers in the United States do not have car insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 7.6% of Pennsylvania drivers do not have car insurance.

Uninsured numbers have risen since the beginning of the pandemic. More people risk driving without insurance coverage. If coverage is legally required, why do drivers feel that they do not need car insurance? Do you feel safe knowing someone without insurance might severely injure you?

Your Car Insurance Covers You

In Pennsylvania and many other states, your car insurance covers you. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, your insurance covers you. At the least, PA requires all drivers have state-minimum car insurance coverages.

But, your car insurance also protects you from certain lawsuits. Your car insurance provides legal representation for claims against your policy.
Some coverages are optional. But even state-minimum coverage can help in a lot of situations.

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Your Insurance Includes Medical Coverage

Every insured driver in PA has at least $5,000 injury coverage. If you’re injured in a car-related incident, your insurance has you covered. You immediately have at least $5,000 available to pay for medical treatment.

Understand How Car Insurance Works

Having car insurance is essential to all drivers. Understanding how car insurance works is the first step to knowing why it is so important. Car insurance does not solely help you if you get into an accident and damage your vehicle.

Car Insurance Medical Coverage

Car insurance covers medical expenses if you get hurt. It also covers liability if you hurt another driver. Car insurance also covers medical expenses if you hurt a pedestrian or bicyclist. Additionally, car insurance covers you against theft, natural disaster, and vandalism.

Other Car-Related Injuries

Your car insurance also covers you for injuries when you’re not driving. If you’re hit by a car while walking, you can tap into your medical coverage. When you’re the passenger in someone else’s car, your insurance has you covered.

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If car insurance helps protect you against these things, why drivers choose not to be insured? Some people feel they can drive without coverage because they are safe drivers. It’s important to remember, even the safest drivers get into accidents beyond their control.

Being Safe Isn’t Enough

You can never be sure that an accident will not happen when you are on the road. Additionally, you might get hit by an uninsured driver. Having the right insurance will protect you from uninsured drivers, or drivers without enough coverage.

Talk To An Injury Lawyer

If you’re injured, talk to a lawyer for help. At Haggerty & Silverman, we have been helping injured people since 1994. Our experienced team will work to get you maximum compensation for your claim.

Free Injury Consultations

We provide free injury consultations. You don’t pay us anything until we recover money for you. Call 717-397-3200 to talk to an attorney about your situation. Fill out our free consultation web form and a member of our team will contact you to schedule your consultation.