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Vehicle Safety Check – Do This Before You Drive

When getting behind the wheel, safety should always be your top priority. This includes your own safety as well as the safety of your passengers and others. Road safety begins before you even turn on your car. With a simple vehicle safety check, you can ensure your vehicle is safe before you get behind the wheel.

vehicle safety checklist

How To Be A Safer Driver

There are simple checks you can do to assure the safety of yourself and others on the road. The first step to being a safe driver is to make sure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy before you drive.

Vehicle Safety Check Before You Drive

While it may be tempting to just get in your car and zip off to wherever you need to be, you need to make sure your vehicle’s condition allows for a safe trip. You’ll have to walk around your car to make sure it is safe before you drive.

Vehicle Safety Checklist

  • Check your windows and windshield to make sure that nothing is obstructing your sight of the road. Also, check the windows for cracks.
  • Check your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals. Make sure all your lights are working.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Look at the tires, are they damaged? If a tire looks low, check the pressure and refill as needed.
  • Look under your car for leaks.
  • Inspect your windshield wipers.
  • In the winter, check for snow and/or ice. Remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before driving.
  • Adjust your seat position to a comfortable position where you can easily reach the pedals and steering wheel without being too close
  • Adjust mirrors to optimize your view of the road and cars around you
  • Put on your seat belt and make sure all passengers are secured in seat belts as well.
  • Check for any maintenance lights. If something is malfunctioning in your car it is best to avoid driving it until it gets fixed.
  • Wear corrective eyewear. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure you have them on while driving.
check vehicle fluid levels before driving

Vehicle Safety Checks Are Easy

Anyone can do these simple vehicle safety checks to make sure their vehicle is safe before getting on the road. Vehicle safety is important, but so is driver safety. What can you do as a driver to be safe?

Basic Driver Safety Tips

There are so many things drivers can do to improve safety. Avoiding certain behavior can increase your safety on the road. Here is a list of the basics.

  • Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Don’t drive distracted. This means phones, magazines, food, or anything that causes a distraction. Even your thoughts can be a distraction. Focus your eyes and thoughts on the road. Distracted driving causes 2.5 million crashes per year. In the United States, every day 9 people die and 1,000 people are injured as a result of distracted driving.
  • Don’t Speed. The speed limit is as fast as anyone should be going in perfect conditions. Lower your speed in bad weather and at night.
  • Don’t tailgate. Following too closely is very dangerous.
  • Don’t drive aggressively.
brake light check before driving

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