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Vaping Injury Lawyer

Advertisers claim vaping is safer than cigarettes. Some companies claimed vaping is healthy. But, is there any truth to these claims? If vape devices are safe, how does vaping injury occur? 

The news reports of 2019 shared a trend of vaping-related injuries. We take a look at vaping, the lung disease caused by vaping, and when to call an attorney.

teen vape products - vaping injury lawyer

Electronic Smoking Devices

Electronic cigarettes, vapes, hookah pens, and more have been around for over a decade. In the beginning, these devices were large and expensive. But, over the years they became smaller and cheaper. The FDA calls these devices ENDS. ENDS stands for electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Here are some popular ENDS devices:

  • JUUL
  • NJOY
  • Blu
  • Smok

Since gaining popularity, there is a flood of off-brand and counterfeit vape products. A simple online search reveals hundreds of thousands of available products. Can you trust they are safe?

small and affordable vape products make it easier for people to become addicted

Vape Safety

In the beginning, vaping products had no government oversight. Then, in 2016 the FDA gained the power to oversee these new types of nicotine products. Most of these products have FDA oversight, but this doesn’t mean they are safe. Instead, the FDA regulates claims about health benefits and safety.

Vape Device Explosion

The batteries in these tiny devices may seem harmless. But, people die when vaporizer batteries explode. Additionally, people suffer severe injury when defective batteries explode. One teen’s jaw shattered as the result of an exploding vape battery.

Vape Disease

Doctors discovered EVALI, a new type of disease in 2019. EVALI is an acronym for E-cigarette or Vaping Associated Lung Injury. The CDC believes harmful vape chemicals cause this new disease. People inhale these chemicals while vaping certain liquids. Between March and November of 2019, over 2,000 Americans contracted a vape-related sickness. At least 40 people have died from vaping illness during that same time. Many of these people are teenagers and young adults.

Permanent Lung Damage

One 16-year-old patient required a double lung transplant from vaping damage. In fact, he turned 17 in the hospital while treating this disease. His own lungs had damage beyond repair. Without the transplant, he had no hope of survival.

Dangers Of Vaping

Because vaping is so new, there is no study of the long term effects it has on health. Additionally, there are no known health benefits to vaping. The FDA states any claims that vaping is healthier than smoking are not based on science. In Fact, the FDA warned Juul against making these claims. One thing that is certain, vaping causes EVALI.

Vaping Injury

The big problem with a vaping injury is finding who is accountable. Is it the vape pen manufacturer? The shop where you buy your supplies? What about the maker of the refill fluid or pod? A product liability lawyer can identify all responsible parties in your case.

generic and counterfeit nicotine vaporizers

When To Call A Lawyer

If you have any side effects from vaping, talk to your doctor. When you have a vaping injury or illness, talk to a product liability lawyer.

Pennsylvania Product Liability Lawyer

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