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Truck Load Shift Injuries

There are 37.9 million trucks in the US registered for commercial use. Commercial truck drivers are hauling more than 34.2 million tons (TONS!) of freight in the US every day. With so many vehicles moving so much weight, truck load shift injuries pose a real threat and danger.

truck load shift injuries and wrongful death lawsuit

What Is A Truck Load Shift?

A load shift happens when the cargo, trailer, or entire truck moves unexpectedly. Load shift can lead to a loss of control of the truck and its cargo. This can cause a dangerous situation for the truck driver and/or others. As expected, a heavy load can cause serious or fatal injuries.

What Causes A Truck Load Shift?

A load shift is the result of one or more contributing factors. These factors include:

  • improperly secured/unsecured cargo
  • sudden maneuvers (turns, rapid acceleration/braking)
  • speeding or driving too fast for conditions

Truck Crash Load Shift

A truck cargo load can shift during a crash. Sometimes, the load shift is the result of a crash. Other times, an improperly secured load will cause the crash. Some basic examples of when a load shift can cause a crash include:

  • loss of vehicle control
  • rollover
  • jackknife
  • materials/cargo falling off

When a load shift causes a crash, those involved may suffer serious or fatal injuries. This may leave the survivors looking for answers.
How will I pay for medical treatment?
Why did this happen and who is responsible?

improperly secured cargo injury attorney

Who Is Responsible?

In situations when a shifting load causes injury or death, it may be important to establish who is responsible for the harm. An investigation can help determine the factors that caused or contributed to the shifting load.

  • Was the load properly secured using appropriate methods?
  • Were there any defects in the materials used to secure the load?
  • Did the truck driver inspect the load at regular intervals?
  • Were the actions of one or more drivers negligent?

Determining who is responsible is important to establish a claim. A claim can help injured people and the families of loved ones killed in a crash to recover money for their losses. A personal injury attorney or wrongful death attorney may be able to help you.

When To Contact An Attorney

If you were injured or a loved one was killed as the result of a truck load shift, an attorney may be able to help you recover money for your losses. An injury attorney can help investigate the cause of the shifting truck load and hold negligent parties financially responsible for the harm they have caused.

An experienced injury attorney can help you recover the money you deserve. Contact an attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice for a free injury or wrongful death case evaluation. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.