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Trampoline Park Injury

Trampoline Park Injury

People get injured on trampolines. It’s a physical activity, there is some inherent risk. A recent news report reveals risks parents might not be aware of. But, does signing a waiver at a trampoline park release them from all responsibility? Can you sue for a trampoline park injury?

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Physical Experiences Have Some Risk

Sky diving, SCUBA, sports, and trampoline parks are all physical experiences. Injuries are common with extreme physical activity. This is described as an inherent risk. Additionally, broken bones, sprains, and head injuries are common in every physical activity. This is why liability waivers exist.

Liability Waivers

Liability waivers are intended to protect businesses that offer physical experiences. The waivers explain that physical experiences are known to have risks. Participants agree they understand there is a risk of injury with the experience.

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Proving Negligence

But, liability waivers usually doesn’t release a company when they are negligent. Negligence isn’t part of the normal risk of physical experiences.

Examples Of Negligence At Trampoline Parks

Some examples of negligence at a trampoline park include:

  • Broken Fixtures Still In Use
  • Damaged Trampoline Surface
  • Insufficient Padding
  • Hazardous Property Conditions (wet floor, exposed live wires)
  • Malfunctioning Safety Equipment/Features

Overcoming Liability Waivers

Because hazardous conditions exist, doesn’t mean you have a valid lawsuit against a trampoline park. Additionally, minor injuries usually aren’t enough to overcome a liability waiver. But the best advice is to talk to an experienced injury lawyer.

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Lancaster Trampoline Park Injury Lawyer

At Haggerty & Silverman, we handle trampoline park injury cases. We specialize in injury cases, and that’s it! When you have questions about an injury situation, our legal team is here to help.

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