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Traffic Deaths Increase

With less traffic on the road, people would expect car accidents, injuries, and deaths to go down. But, it seems the opposite is true. In fact, we’ve seen traffic deaths rise during the pandemic.

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Traffic Since The Shutdown

At the beginning of the shutdown of 2020, there was a massive drop in traffic accidents. Car accidents were down 50% in Pennsylvania for the first part of 2020. Since then, there is a sharp increase in traffic deaths and injuries in PA. Why?

Rise In Traffic Injuries And Fatalities In PA

Experts see a connection between fewer cars on the road and the increase in accidents. It’s a false sense of security. Drivers don’t see as many cars on the road and start making bad decisions. They become distracted. Or, drivers begin to speed.

Hit And Run Crashes

In some areas of Pennsylvania, we’re also seeing a sharp increase in hit and run incidents. In areas like Philadelphia, more than 20% of fatal crashes involve a hit and run.

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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death means the negligence of another caused or contributed to a death. With a car crash, it’s not always the driver’s fault. Some common examples of negligence are (but not limited to):

  • distracted driver
  • failure to obey the rules of the road
  • faulty repairs
  • manufacturing defects

Wrongful Death Claims

No amount of money can replace a loved one. But, a valid wrongful death claim can cover more than just a basic funeral. Family members can seek recovery for:

  • medical expenses
  • funeral costs
  • loss of income
  • and more
vehicle wrongful death claims

When To Call A Wrongful Death Lawyer

If the negligence of another caused the wrongful death of a loved one, talk to a local wrongful death lawyer for help.

Lancaster Wrongful Death Law Firm

Haggerty & Silverman is your trusted wrongful death law firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our caring legal team will answer any questions you have. Additionally, we help you navigate the complicated claims process.

Free Wrongful Death Claim Consultation

If you have questions about a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania, we can help. Call us for a free wrongful death claim consultation. Our caring team is here to give you the help and support you need.