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Toy-Related Injuries to Children [Infographic]

Toy-Related Injuries

Were you ever injured while playing with a toy as a kid? Whether you fell off your bike and scraped your knee or hurt your eye with a flying object from a toy, you are not alone. Toy injuries are common. Every three minutes a child receives a toy-related injury. In fact, over 250,000 children suffered toy-related injuries in 2014 alone. Some injuries are minor and don’t need a trip to the emergency room. But other injuries can cause serious and permanent harm. Approximately 217,000 children receive hospital treatment each year.

Safety Recommendations

Kids may suffer a concussion if they fall off their bike while not wearing a helmet. Toddlers may choke on a small part from a toy designed for older children. That’s why it’s important to follow toy safety recommendations to avoid injuries. Choose age-appropriate toys to avoid choking. Require your child to wear a helmet to reduce your child’s risk of injury. After all, toys should be fun for children. Toys shouldn’t be dangerous or cause harm. For information on toy-related injuries to children, check out our infographic below.

Toy-Related Injuries to Children [Infographic]

toy related injury infographic

Product Liability Attorneys

You can protect your children from toy-related injuries to an extent. But you can’t always protect them from defective products. A defective toy is hazardous to children and can cause them harm. We’ve seen the injuries defective toys can cause. If your child was injured by a defective toy, you deserve a compassionate attorney on your side. As parents, our attorneys understand the fear and anger you feel. Let us help you find the best way to help your child and other children who could be injured in the same way.
Contact the defective product attorneys at Haggerty & Silverman for a free evaluation. We will evaluate your case and get you compensation for your child’s injuries. Do not hesitate to call or text us at 717-397-3200 or fill out our contact form online.