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Tepezza Hearing Loss

Tepezza is a treatment for patients with thyroid eye disease. The manufacturer of Tepezza lied about certain serious side effects. Have you received Tepezza treatments? Have you experienced some form of hearing loss after using Tepezza? Are you eligible for compensation?

What is Tepezza

Tepezza was approved by the FDA in 2020 to treat thyroid eye disease (TED). Additionally, it is shown to improve TED symptoms, reduce eye bulge, and double vision. Tepezza is an infusion therapy administered by a healthcare professional via an IV.

tepezza treatment linked to hearing loss

Problem With Tepezza

When Tepezza was first approved, the manufacturer included warnings of certain side effects. The manufacturer claimed hearing loss and tinnitus were infrequent short-term side effects of Tepezza. Patients and doctors understood this was a very minimal risk in using Tepezza to treat thyroid eye disease. Additionally, it was understood the side effects would be temporary and the patient would return to normal.

Tepezza claimed about 10% of patients might experience temporary hearing loss and/or tinnitus. The truth is, the manufacturer knew the risk of hearing loss and tinnitus was much higher than reported to the FDA. The manufacturer also knew the side effects to a patient’s hearing were often permanent.

As more patients began Tepezza infusions, more people experienced hearing loss and tinnitus. These symptoms were often long-term or permanent for many patients. Reports suggest roughly 65% of patients have experienced permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus as a direct result of Tepezza treatments.

tepezza hearing loss lawsuits

Putting Profits Above Patient Safety

Horizon, the company responsible for Tepezza, was aware of the problems with Tepezza. But, the company chose to mislead patients and doctors to maximize profits. Even if Horizon pays out millions of dollars in Tepezza hearing loss settlements, the company will still make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits.

Who Is Eligible For Compensation

Patients who were given Tepezza infusions and experienced hearing loss and/or tinnitus may be eligible for compensation. A Tepezza hearing loss attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice can evaluate your claim for free.

vision injury lawsuits

Patients affected by Tepezza treatments have a limited time to file a claim. Don’t wait, contact an attorney today to begin the claims process.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Attorney

If you have received Tepezza infusion treatments and experienced hearing loss and/or tinnitus contact an attorney. Get a free consultation with an attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice. An attorney will need to know when you had your first infusion and other details about your situation. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation with a Tepezza hearing loss attorney.