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5 Personal Injury Myths

Are personal injury claims easy money? We take a look at common personal injury myths and explain the truth.

Anger After an Accident

It’s normal to feel anger after an accident. If you were injured by someone else, it’s natural to be angry. Learn how to deal with that anger.

AmazonBasics Injuries

AmazonBasics injuries can leave an injured person feeling powerless. But, a local product liability lawyer may be able to help. If you were injured in Pennsylvania, talk to a local injury attorney for free.

Should You Ride In An Ambulance?

Should you ride in an ambulance? How will you pay for the bills after an injury? Lancaster injury law firm – Haggerty Silverman & Justice

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Lancaster

Trust Haggerty Silverman & Justice for a free legal consultation. If you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Lancaster, PA we are your trusted law firm.

Minor Collision Injury

Minor collisions can still cause minor injuries. Learn how injury attorneys can still help people with a minor injury from a car crash.

Nursing Home COVID-19

Is it possible to sue a Pennsylvania nursing home for COVID-19 exposure? Learn more in this article. Free consultations.