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Swimming Pool Injury

Swimming Pool Injury

Summer is here. It’s time for hiking, trips to the beach, grilling, and swimming pools. When it comes to swimming pool injuries, people have questions. Is a swimming pool injury my fault? Who pays the medical bills? Or a common premises liability question – how could I sue my family member or friend?

lancaster swimming pool injury attorney

Public Swimming Pool Injury

Public pools provide a service. Most customers at a public pool pay for the use of the pool. With the service come safety features; lifeguards, clean facilities, and more. If puddles of standing water aren’t cleaned up and cause injury, the pool may be responsible. When lifeguards are under-staffed or distracted, the pool is neglecting to provide safety. Damaged parts need blocked off and replaced or repaired to prevent injury. Public pools are required to have insurance to cover premises liability issues.

Private Pool Injury

When a pool owned by a family member or a friend causes injury, it can be difficult to seek help. If the injuries are severe, you may not have a choice. Somehow, medical bills need to be paid.
Consider this, the pool owner has homeowner’s insurance. Any claim against their pool gets paid out of this insurance. Even if your family member or friend tells you they will pay the medical bills, consult a lawyer.
Think of the damage to your friendship or family relationship if they can’t pay those bills. Friends or family members shouldn’t want you to be stuck with those bills. Additionally, it’s rare an insurance claim would raise their insurance rates.

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Swimming Pool Product Liability

There are times when a defective product causes a swimming pool injury or death. In these instances, the manufacturer of the product would be the focus of the case. If a product defect causes the injury, this is considered a product liability. When a product is used according to instructions and still causes death or injury, this is a problem. Manufacturers have a duty to produce safe products.

Find A Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer

Swimming pool injuries fall under premises liability. Premises liability lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means they don’t charge any fees until there is money recovered in your case. Almost all offer free consultations.

swimming pool wrongful death lawyer in harrisburg area

Why You Should Talk To A Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer

Getting free legal advice can go a long way in protecting your family. You can discuss your hesitation in placing a claim against them. It may be advisable to have a structured conversation with the homeowner. But after a consultation, the lawyer may determine the case falls under product liability. It’s important to understand the best way to approach the situation. With legal guidance, this can save everyone headaches and frustration later.

Lancaster Area Swimming Pool Injury Law Firm

Haggerty & Silverman represents injured people. We understand the sensitive nature of injuries that happen at a friend or relative’s house. We provide free and confidential consultations with no pressure. Call or text us anytime at 717-397-3200 for a consultation over the phone. Or fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you to set up an appointment.