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Stolen Vehicle Injury Claims

Were you hit by the driver of a stolen vehicle? Maybe you just have questions about stolen vehicle injury claims. We are here to help with some basic information. Who pays for injuries after you’re hit by the driver of a stolen vehicle?

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Coverage Depends On The Situation

Every vehicle accident situation is different. If you have injuries from a crash with a stolen vehicle, talk to an injury lawyer for advice. In most situations, you’ll find the driver of the stolen vehicle doesn’t have insurance coverage. People that steal cars don’t usually care about the hardships they could cause to others. But, you may still have a couple of options to get the money you need.

Filing An Injury Claims Against The Owner Of A Stolen Car

If you’re injured, filing a claim against the owner of the stolen car could be problematic too. A vehicle may not be covered under the owner’s insurance when it is stolen. This means any damage may not be covered under the vehicle owner’s policy.

Filing A Claim Against Your Own Insurance

In Pennsylvania, your insurance covers you. Pennsylvania state minimum coverage provides at least $5,000 of medical coverage. This means your own insurance covers up to your policy limit for your medical expenses. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, your insurance covers a certain amount of your medical bills.

Protect Yourself Against Uninsured Drivers

While it is possible to catch criminals driving a stolen vehicle, they likely won’t have the money to pay for the damage they cause. While the law requires all drivers to carry insurance coverage, not everyone follows the rules. How do drivers protect themselves?

Collision Coverage

If the driver of a stolen vehicle crashes into your car, you’ll be stuck with the repairs. Collision insurance coverage pays for physical damage to your vehicle in the event of a crash. If you used a loan to purchase your car, you may already have collision coverage on your policy.

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Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

Policy options like uninsured and underinsured coverage apply when you are injured by another driver. But, this coverage can also apply to passengers and relatives in your household.

When Should I Talk To An Injury Lawyer?

If you have injuries caused by the driver of a stolen vehicle, you should talk to a car accident injury lawyer about your situation. Any time you are injured by the negligence of someone else, talk to an injury attorney for advice.

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Lancaster Area Injury Law Firm

Haggerty & Silverman is a trusted, local law firm. We specialize in injury law, and we work hard to get injured people the money they deserve. If you have been injured, talk to our attorneys in a free legal consultation.