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Silicosis Lawsuits

Stone countertops are a beautiful and durable solution for kitchens and bathrooms. An NPR investigation shows workers making these countertops are coming down with cancer. Why? Silicosis caused by silica dust.

silicosis caused by manufactured stone countertop

Silica Dust Cancer

Silica dust cancer, or silicosis, is a type of lung cancer. This dust is a byproduct of manufacturing stone countertops. Workers breathe in tiny dust particles in the air. Then, the dust causes scarring of the lung tissue. The scarring is like asbestos cancer. This scarring leads to difficulty breathing. Eventually, the cancer makes it too hard to breathe at all.

Silicosis Diagnosis

There are three main stages of Silicosis. Acute silicosis happens within weeks of exposure or can take years to develop. 10-30 years after exposure, chronic silicosis appears. But, accelerated silicosis appears with high-level exposure. This advanced and fast-moving cancer appears less than 10 years from exposure.

manufactured stone countertop

Silicosis Treatment

There are very few options to treat this form of lung cancer. Aside from a full lung transplant, there is no known cure for silica dust cancer. But, this cancer is preventable.

exposure to silica dust causes silicosis

Preventing Silica Dust Cancer

The best way to prevent this cancer is by limiting exposure. When manufacturers work with hazardous materials, they must supply protection for employees. The same is true for stone countertop manufacturers. In fact, OSHA has specific guidelines for silica dust. Employers must inform employees about possible dangers. Companies must protect their employees.

piles of various silica dust

When To Call A Lawyer

If you or a loved one have silicosis, speak to an experienced attorney. It’s important to protect your rights. Get a free and confidential consultation for your situation. Our attorneys can answer any questions you have. There may be compensation available for you.

Lancaster Injury Lawyer

The Lancaster attorneys of Haggerty & Silverman get compensation for injured people. Our team provides free and confidential consultations. Call or text us anytime to discuss your case. You can also use our online form to schedule a free legal consultation.