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Settling Your Injury Claim Too Fast

When you experience an injury, it is common to want to rush the insurance claim process. In fact, many insurance companies hope you settle as quickly as possible. But, there are many problems with settling your injury claim too fast. In this article, we share the common reasons and pitfalls for people that settle an injury claim quickly.

Insurance Wants To Settle The Claim

You file your injury claim and the insurance company makes an offer. It sounds simple because you only went to the hospital. But, you didn’t go to follow up care with your doctor or the recommended physical therapy. Insurance offered a check that should cover the hospital bill and a little more. It’s so simple. You need the money now, why should you wait?

The problem is, you might have more ongoing injuries than you realize. Insurance will want to settle as soon as you are ready, but most people don’t understand how insurance coverage works. If you take their quick offer, you forfeit the money you need to pay for future medical bills.

how to pay for ambulance and medical bills

Injury Settlement In 30 Days

This is a common marketing tactic of “settlement mill” injury lawyers. They promise injured people a settlement check in 30 days. It sounds great and certainly takes the pressure off working with insurance.
But, a so-called “settlement mill” lawyer doesn’t really work for you. Their process is to get you in and make a demand to insurance. Their goal is to sign up as many people as possible. Then, they settle without negotiating, or adding up all your medical bills, and take their cut of your money. This type of settlement is worse than accepting the first offer from insurance. Now, you’re paying an attorney to do what you could have done yourself.

You Need The Money Fast

Many people fall into this trap. You need the money fast and bills are piling up. But you could give up a lot of money by settling your injury claim too fast.
This is a problem that insurance takes advantage of all the time. Most people can’t wait several months, or even years, for settlement money. But, many injury claims have some form of immediate money available to help injured people. For car-related injuries, people can tap into Personal Injury Protection funds for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

follow your doctor's treatment plan - don't settle your injury claim too fast

Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

It is always important to follow the treatment plan for your injury. During your treatment, doctors monitor your healing progress and order more tests or treatment. This all becomes part of your claim and means more money for your case. Never settle your injury claim until your medical treatment is complete.
If you can’t continue paying for treatment while waiting for an injury settlement, talk to your attorney. We know doctors that are willing to work out payments with patients. Some doctors will wait for payment if they know there is a personal injury claim.

Serious Injury Settlements Take Longer

Proper healing takes a substantial amount of time. The same is true in settling a personal injury case. Many people feel pressured to settle a claim as quickly as possible or end up with lawyers that are eager to jump at a quick settlement. While a quick settlement sounds good, you should be suspicious of attorneys that promise you a quick settlement. A lawyer that wants the best for you will not rush your case.

settling your injury claim too fast will not lead to success

Don’t Rush Your Injury Settlement

The worst thing you can do is make your situation worse by rushing to a quick injury settlement. Never settle your injury case until you have all the information necessary. After you settle with insurance, you don’t get to ask for more money. That’s why it’s important to talk to a lawyer. Get sound advice with a free consultation with a local lawyer.

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