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School Bus Injury

Sending children off to school on the local school bus is the reality for many American families. You are in essence putting your trust into the hands of the driver to keep your children safe. Unfortunately, with no seatbelts, a school bus injury can be severe, if not fatal. Someone must be held accountable.

pennsylvania school bus injury lawyer - haggerty & silverman

Causes of School Bus Accidents

Driver Mistakes

It is the human condition to make mistakes. Yet, this is not acceptable when operating a school bus full of children. A driver may not conduct an illegal U-turn, speed through a stoplight, or even lose control of the bus.

Mechanical Issues

If the bus is not maintained, mechanical issues can cause a crash. It is the duty of the bus company to perform safety and maintenance checks for every trip. They owe a duty to keep the school bus up to code and safe for all passengers. Something as minimal as small cracks in a tire can lead to a loss of control.

Distracted Bus Driver

The duty of the bus driver is to concentrate on the road and other drivers. Additionally, they must maintain the safety of the children on board the bus. Any distraction by phone, an unruly child, or wandering thoughts can cause a collision.
Additionally, drivers can become distracted by fatigue. Hours can be long and drivers can become tired. The more tired the bus driver, the lesser the response time in avoiding a potential collision.

Bus Driver Under The Influence

It is the duty of the bus company to screen their drivers. Additionally, drivers must test for drug use. It is sad, but the opioid crisis makes it necessary. The news has shown us stories of bus drivers under the influence while transporting children.

Other Drivers

Many bus drivers are safe. They understand the bus holds precious cargo. But, other drivers aren’t so careful. We’ve seen cases of drivers following too close, failing to yield, and more.

causes of school bus accidents and injuries

Tort Law

When someone else causes harm, tort law provides an outlet to seek compensation.
There are three areas of tort law: Negligent, intentional, strict liability.
Negligent Tort: Actions are not premeditated. But a person or company neglects the duty owed toward a reasonable person.
Intentional Tort: Deliberate actions that interfere with a legally-recognized interest. This includes dominion over property, deception, emotional harmony, and bodily integrity.
Strict Liability: Also known as “absolute liability.” This covers the legal responsibility for injuries or damages that occurred. Strict liability doesn’t question if the person or company is negligent or at fault.

School Bus Tort Law

In Pennsylvania, independent bus company vehicles are commercial vehicles. Because of this, passengers are full tort in the event of a collision. This allows parents to seek compensation after a school bus injury.
In PA, full tort applies when a person is injured as a passenger or driver on the bus. If your child has a school bus injury, you can file a lawsuit on their behalf. This allows them to get compensation for the pain and suffering with no need for proof of serious harm.

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School Bus Injury Lawyer

If your child has a school bus injury, our lawyers at Haggerty & Silverman can help. We will hold wrongdoers and any negligent contributors accountable to prevent future accidents. Our goal is to make sure every child gets home safely.
We fight for your rights to get money that will cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.
Call or text us today at 717-397-3200 to speak to a member of our legal staff. Or, fill out our online form to schedule a free school bus injury consultation.
Our office is in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are here to help with all your personal injury legal matters.