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Scaffold Injury Attorney

Every year in the United States approximately 4,500 people are injured in scaffold-related incidents. Additionally, an average of 60 people in the US die every year in scaffold incidents. In this article, we provide information about scaffold injury and wrongful death cases.

construction scaffold injury and wrongful death lawsuits

What Is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure typically made of metal poles and wooden planks. Builders erect scaffolding at construction sites, repair, restoration, and cleaning projects. The scaffold structures allow workers to access higher areas while standing on a platform. Workers rely on the scaffold to hold them, their tools, and materials while they work.

Basic Types Of Scaffold

There are several common types of scaffolding. Depending on the job, workers may use multiple types throughout the course of a project. Types of scaffolding include:

  • single (known as brick layer’s scaffolding)
  • double (known as mason’s scaffolding)
  • cantilever
  • suspended
  • trestle
  • steel
  • patented

Each type of scaffold is designed for specific situations. Additionally, different scaffold types have different safety protocols to keep everyone safe on the job site. When safety fails, people get hurt.

job site scaffolding injury attorney

Causes Of Scaffold Injuries

Scaffold injuries can happen in any number of ways. Common contributing factors of scaffold injuries include:

  • slippery conditions
  • surface defects
  • lack of or improper fall protection (railing, harness system, etc.)
  • falling objects (tools, materials, etc.)
  • improper maintenance and inspection
  • scaffold collapse

One or more factors could be the cause or contribute to scaffold injuries. In scaffold injury and wrongful death cases, it can be a challenge to determine who is at fault.

construction scaffolding injury attorney

Who Is Responsible?

Scaffold injury and wrongful death claims can involve multiple parties that share responsibility. A construction job site is often a complex organism of many coordinated tasks. Contractors, safety inspectors, and direct managers all play a role in safety. As such, they may all share responsibility for injuries and wrongful death on the job site.

When To Talk To An Injury Attorney

If you suffer a scaffold injury or a loved one dies after a scaffold accident, contact an attorney for help. An attorney can investigate your claim and gather evidence to help you recover the maximum amount possible. While no amount of money can make you whole again, or replace a lost loved one, money can help you retake your life. A scaffold injury or wrongful death settlement can help replace lost income, cover future medical costs, and more.

Construction Injury Attorney

Haggerty Silverman & Justice has been helping injured people and their families since 1990. Contact us for a free consultation with an injury attorney. We can help you understand how the law applies to your specific situation. The consultation is free and you never pay us anything unless we recover money for you.