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Rental Equipment Injury

Have you or a family member been injured by rental equipment? Do you have questions about liability and who is responsible for medical bills or disability as a result? We are here to help. Learn how a personal injury attorney could help you with your rental equipment injury claim. This article covers general legal information for the state of Pennsylvania.

If you have specific questions about your situation, please contact an attorney for a free legal consultation.

Whether you need certain tools or equipment for business or personal use, renting may be a great option for you. When you choose to rent equipment from a company, you are trusting that it is tested and safe. Additionally, you trust them to recommend the proper equipment for your task.

rental equipment injury lawsuits

Renting Equipment Is Big Business

As of 2021, the rental equipment industry was valued at 4.4 billion USD. With an industry this big, safety measures should not be compromised. Especially when working with potentially dangerous machinery and equipment. Though you may be the person using the equipment, rental companies are responsible for making sure the equipment is in good condition for safe use. If you are injured while using rented equipment, who is liable?

Rental Equipment Safety

Every rental company is responsible for supplying its customers with safe and reliable equipment. It is up to the rental company to stay aware of their inventory and any potential safety risks. If a piece of equipment is not safe, it should not be rented out.

You, as a renter, won’t know if a part is missing. You won’t know all the important safety information and warnings unless the rental company provides it to you. As the renter, you trust the rental company to recommend the best equipment for your specific task.

Injured by Rental Equipment

When you rent tools or equipment you don’t expect an injury as a result. While it is important to be responsible when protecting your own safety, rental companies also have a responsibility to protect your safety as well. The rental company should provide you with the instructions and safety manual for each piece of equipment it rents to you. Failure to do so could result in the rental company being financially responsible for any resulting injuries.

Rental companies are responsible for taking the time to make sure they are renting equipment to people qualified to use it. When dealing with heavy machinery and potentially dangerous equipment, not everybody should be able to rent or have access to these tools. Rental equipment companies should not only make sure it is renting to qualified individuals, but it should make sure these individuals know how to properly operate the equipment.

commercial forklift rental equipment

Rental Equipment Injury Claims

Even when rental equipment companies take all of the proper precautions necessary in order to ensure the safety of their customers, injuries sometimes happen. When you are injured while using rental equipment, liability is not always so clear-cut. What should you do?

Who Is Responsible?

Determining who is responsible in a rental equipment injury case is not always simple. While there are certain situations that would lead to a clear answer, such as the rental company renting out faulty equipment, some cases take more investigation. Below is a real case where an injured man was able to successfully sue an equipment rental company for his injuries.

Pennsylvania Man Injured By Rented Mower

In Williamsport Pennsylvania, a 74-year-old man rented a mower from a local equipment rental company. The company recommended a mower and delivered it to the man’s house. The man, Harold Getting, lost part of his foot while operating the rented lawnmower. While Mr. Getting was operating the rented lawnmower, which he rented from Mark Buys and Sells, the lawnmower tipped and severed a part of his left foot. 

Wrong Mower For The Job

While the lawnmower Mr. Getting rented was not defective, it was not suited for the slopes of his yard. In this situation, the lawnmower may have been completely safe on different landscaping. However, Getting claimed that the rental company was aware of his specific yard and still selected the lawnmower for him. The company should have rented him a lawnmower better suited for his sloped property. Mr. Getting further claimed that if he were supplied with a manual, he would have read it. Instead, he trusted the expertise of the rental equipment company.

$2.3 Million Compensation

Mr. Getting and his wife Veronica were awarded $2.3 million in this case. They received compensation for pain and suffering as well as disfigurement. Included in the $2.3 million decision, his wife Veronica was awarded $500,000 for loss of consortium.

rental riding mower injury lawsuit

Rental Equipment Injury Attorney

This case shows that rental equipment injury cases are very unique to each situation. It is extremely important to talk to an experienced attorney to discuss the details of your situation. A Pennsylvania injury attorney can give you a free consultation to discuss your case and answer any questions you have.

Find An Attorney To Help You

Getting injured is an overwhelming experience, no matter whose fault it is. Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Each and every situation is unique. An expert attorney will be able to assess your situation and evaluate the best next steps to take. At Haggerty & Silverman we are here to help you through the injury claims process. Schedule a free consultation with one of our injury attorneys today. Contact us for a free and confidential injury consultation.