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Priest Sex Abuse In Lancaster

Priest Sex Abuse In Lancaster

Every year, new reports of priest sex abuse catch us off guard. A grand jury report reveals the truth about sexual predators in the Catholic church. The report includes details of priest sex abuse in Lancaster, PA. In PA, over 1,000 victims of child sexual were assaulted, according to the report. Almost 300 Catholic priests are on the list of suspected predators. It’s mind-boggling.

Catholic Church Protected Sexual Predators

More disturbing than the news of so many sexual predators is the news of coverups by the church. Additionally, the church has shown a consistent failure to report the assaults to authorities. The church also waited out the statute of limitations for criminal charges. As such, the church took the trust of families and exposed their children to sexual abuse. This makes the church a contributor to the sex abuse.

catholic priest sex abuse in lancaster - child injury attorney

The church not only allowed the priests to continue to work with children, in some cases, they encouraged it. The report shows endless accounts of the Catholic church acknowledging assaults. The church hid the sexual assaults allowing predators further access to children. The report even reveals a recommendation letter to Disney to hire an accused priest. Deplorable.

The Criminal Side Of Sexual Assault

Sexual contact of an adult with a minor is a crime in Pennsylvania. But, failing to report any suspected sexual assault in Pennsylvania is also a crime. The statute of limitations in PA for sexual assault is two years. If the victim is a minor, they have twelve years after they turn eighteen to file charges. Additionally, a sexual assault victim may file a civil lawsuit to seek compensation.

Liability For Child Sexual Assault

In many cases of priest sex abuse in Pennsylvania, the Catholic church was aware of the inappropriate behavior. 300 priests with over 1,000 victims means those priests sexually assaulted many children. Over the years, church staff were made aware of many of the assaults but failed to report them to authorities. Or, church officials waited until the statute of limitations ran out so criminal charges couldn’t be filed.

Hotel Sex Trafficking Lawsuits
Nursing Home Abuse

The church failed the families and children they are supposed to help. This allowed predator priests to sexually assault more children. Failing to report and remove priests who molested children, the Catholic church enabled this behavior.

the catholic church failed to report sexual predators in lancaster, PA

Priest Sex Abuse Victims Need Help

No one heals on their own. Child victims of sex abuse need ongoing physical and mental health care. All victims of sexual assault need professional help and guidance. Any sexual abuse victim deserves the best professional help. But, help is expensive. A civil lawsuit may help a sex assault victim afford the help they need.

How A Civil Lawsuit Helps Child Sex Abuse Victims

We can’t sugar coat it. A lawsuit against the priest and church that hurt a child is a difficult process. But, the result can be a victory for victims. After we identify all parties responsible, we research where insurance may provide recovery for the victim.

It’s true that no amount of money will fix what happened. This is true for almost every serious injury. But, settlement money helps people afford needed care services for recovery. Settlement money can be used for relocation, skilled care, education, or anything necessary to help make the victim as whole as possible.

Additionally, punishing the Catholic church deters other similar institutions from harboring sexual predators. We want to protect children from harm.

lancaster sexual assault legal team

Haggerty & Silverman Helps Victims Of Priest Sex Abuse In Pennsylvania

We understand the personal and very sensitive nature of every sex assault case. Getting the legal help you need starts with a call, text message, or filling out our online contact form. Our attorneys will answer any questions you have and offer advice at no charge.

Call or text us any time at 717-397-3200. Or, fill out our online contact form to have someone contact you. Our offices are conveniently located in Lancaster, PA.