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Paying Bills On Limited Tort

Getting Bills Paid On Limited Tort

Most people don’t think about their insurance coverage until they need to use it. After a crash, it is frustrating to realize what limited tort is. Sure, the insurance company told you it saves you money. But, they probably didn’t explain what happens if you get hurt in a crash. Paying bills on limited tort is difficult. Here’s some general information.

getting bills paid on limited tort can be tough - Lancaster injury lawyer

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Car Crash With No Injury – Limited Tort

A car crash is inconvenient at best. If you’re lucky, your car is the only thing damaged. Even luckier if the shop can repair it. In these cases, insurance covers everything but the deductibles. If your car is totaled, your policy will pay the current estimated value of your car. This usually happens fast. Paying bills on limited tort in this way is quick and painless.

Car Crash, No Injury – Full Tort

The same happens with a car crash on full tort. If your car is hit but there are no injuries, insurance will pay repair costs. If your car is totaled, your policy will pay the current estimated value of your car. In this situation, full and limited tort insurance is no different.

need help with medical bills after a crash - Lancaster injury attorney

Car Crash With Injury – Limited Tort

When a car crash injures people, things begin to get complicated. On limited tort, parts of your own policy will pay the medical bills up to your limits. While most people believe the at-fault drivers’ insurance will cover their expenses, this is not true. On limited tort, you can only get reimbursed for actual out-of-pocket costs. With limited tort, you only get reimbursed for car repairs, direct medical expenses, and time off work (due to a doctor’s excuse).

Car Crash With Injury – Full Tort

When another driver is at fault, you see the benefit of full tort insurance. Car crash injuries come with a lot of baggage. There will be days missed from work. You’ll have frequent trips to the doctor, physical therapy, and more. This is where full tort will really help you get the money you need and deserve.
Full tort insurance allows you to get money for your invisible or hidden costs. Additionally, this is referred to as “pain and suffering.” How do you quantify the value of your time? All the travel, waiting, inability to continue your normal life – these things take you away from what your life was. You deserve money for the pain the other driver caused you.

crashed car and injuries - free legal advice

What Is Pain And Suffering?

In an injury case, pain and suffering can cover a lot of things. While the “pain” refers to the pain endured after an injury, the “suffering” is a blanket term. Suffering covers many aspects. Suffering can be the time a person spends in recovery. Or, psychological therapy to cope with depression after an injury. Anything that negatively alters your normal lifestyle could be suffering.

Where Does The Money Come From?

A full tort claim against another driver is paid by their insurance through a settlement. But, this takes time. If there isn’t enough coverage under their insurance, a claim can be made against your own insurance. This claim would be against your own uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage.

Overcoming Limited Tort

Limited tort isn’t always final. There are situations where limited tort is overcome by circumstances and your case becomes full tort. But, if you don’t meet the full tort criteria, it’s not completely hopeless. Remember, it never hurts to talk to an injury lawyer to discuss your options.

Free Car Insurance Policy Review

Car insurance is confusing. We know! If you’re shopping for a car insurance policy, or just updating your coverage, we can help. Call us for a free car insurance policy review. We’ll go over your policy coverage with you. We will recommend any improvements for better coverage, based on our experience with injury cases.

Lancaster Injury Lawyer

We’ve been helping injured people for nearly 30 years. Our lawyers have experience in helping people with limited and full tort insurance.
When you’re injured, it’s normal to have questions. Our legal team is here to help you. Call or text us anytime at 717-397-3200. Or, fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation. We’re here to help, that’s why we don’t charge any fees unless we recover money for you.