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Parking Lot Injury

Parking lots and parking garages are dangerous places. If you have a parking lot injury, talk to a local lawyer about your options.

False Sense Of Safety

Many people feel more at ease in a parking lot. A CBS report illustrates the dangers in parking lots. The parked cars and slower traffic make people feel safer as they walk. But, the numbers show the real danger of parking lots and parking garages.

Parking Lot Injury Facts

Did you know one out of five vehicle crashes happen in a parking lot? It’s true. Additionally, 10% of pedestrian deaths involve a vehicle backing up in a parking lot. A National Safety Council study shows more than 65% of drivers in parking lots are distracted.

backing up injury lawyer

On average, 60,000 people are injured in a parking lot every year. More than 500 people die in parking lots and parking garages each year. Additionally, over 50,000 vehicle crashes take place in a parking lot each year.

But, these numbers only reflect vehicle injuries. Distracted drivers aren’t the only ways people get hurt in parking lots. A parking lot injury happens in any number of ways.

Parking Lot Injury Causes

We covered parking lot vehicle injury above, but what are some other ways people get hurt in parking lots? It doesn’t matter if you have a vehicle injury claim, a premises liability claim, or both. Talk to a personal injury lawyer near you about your options. Here are some of the most common causes we’ve seen over the years.

Pothole Injury

People are paying attention to so many things in a parking lot. Sometimes it can be easy to miss a pothole. We’ve seen people with broken bones, severe head injury, and more from falling in a pothole.

Slip And Fall In A Parking Lot

A parking lot slip and fall can happen for any number of reasons. It’s common for ice, rain, or snow to cause a parking lot fall. When a business doesn’t remove hazards or warn pedestrians, people get hurt. Certain surfaces are extra slippery in the rain or cold weather. The wrong type of paint can act like ice for the unsuspecting person.

grocery store parking lot injury

Trip Hazards

Trip hazards are anything lying on the ground that would cause a normal person to trip. Sometimes, the trip hazard is hidden in shadows or blends into the ground. Hoses, tree stumps, and uneven walkways are dangerous trip hazards.

Lack Of Signage

Another big cause of vehicle injuries in a parking lot is a lack of signage. Without stop signs at pedestrian crossings, those walking are at risk. Without a posted speed limit, drivers decide what speed to drive. Failure to mark pedestrian crossing zones puts people in danger. These factors contribute to dangerous conditions, causing injury.

Parking Lot Injury Responsibility

If you’ve been injured or a loved one has died in a parking lot, it can be frustrating trying to get answers. Who is responsible? Why should you have to pay for medical bills because of someone else’s negligence? People in this situation should talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.

lancaster parking garage injury attorney

Lancaster Injury Attorney

If you have any questions after an injury, call the Lancaster injury attorneys at Haggerty and Silverman. Our team has been helping injured people in Pennsylvania since 1994. We’ve secured millions for injured people just like you. Call us for a free consultation.

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