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Former PA Representative Injures Man In Car Accident

Scott Wagner is a former Pennsylvania state representative that ran for Governor. In 2014, Wagner made history as the first PA senator to win as a write-in candidate. Mr. Wagner then became the Republican party’s candidate for governor in 2018. But, in 2021 Scott Wagner was involved in a crash.

Crash At 3:30 In The Afternoon

Records show Scott Wagner was driving south when his vehicle crossed the yellow lines into oncoming traffic. As a result, Wagner’s vehicle crashed head-on into the vehicle of Harold Morley. The crash happened on May 8th of 2021 around 3:30 pm. The weather was clear that day.

Injuries As The Result Of A Crash

Scott Wagner walked away from the crash with a broken wrist, but Mr. Morley had more severe injuries. Harold Morley suffered broken bones and a severe head injury. Plus, Mr. Morley was in a coma for some time following the crash.

Cause Of The Crash

According to reports, Scott Wagner admits to falling asleep while driving. He is not able to explain why he fell asleep, just that he fell asleep while driving at 3:30 pm. As a result, Mr. Wagner’s vehicle drifted over the yellow lines and struck Mr. Morley. Mr. Morley was seriously injured in the crash.

Strange Circumstances

But, there are some strange circumstances in this crash that don’t make sense. Even though Wagner admits to falling asleep, police instead test Morley (the victim) for possible drugs and alcohol use. The victim was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. This we know because records show Mr. Morley was tested at the scene. However, we don’t know about Wagner because the police never tested him.

In addition to a lack of drug or alcohol testing, the traffic violation against Mr. Wagner was dropped. The victim was hospitalized at the time of a traffic court hearing for Mr. Wagner. As a result, the traffic violation for crossing the yellow lines was dismissed. Mr. Wagner faced no consequences for what happened.

Civil Lawsuit Against Scott Wagner

In November of 2020, Harold Morley filed a civil lawsuit against Scott Wagner and his company. The lawsuit claims since Scott Wagner was on work business at the time, Mr. Wagner and the company are financially responsible for Mr. Morley’s injuries. The lawsuit is seeking at least $75,000.

Lawsuits Are Filed All The Time

Mr. Wagner was questioned by local news about the lawsuit. He told Susan Shaprio of News 8 “lawsuits are filed all the time as the result of accidents.” Mistakes do happen when people drive. But, lawsuits are the result of parties that don’t agree on reasonable compensation.

For Mr. Morley, $75,000 seems more than reasonable for severe injuries and months in a coma. It’s possible the problem is with Mr. Wagner and his company’s insurance. When insurance companies try to lowball injured people, a personal injury lawyer can help. We’re going to keep an eye on this lawsuit.

Free Injury Consultations

If you have been injured by another driver, it is important to talk to an injury lawyer. Someone else’s driving mistake shouldn’t cost you, and you deserve fair compensation. An injury lawyer can help you understand your rights and options. Contact us for a free legal consultation.