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Off-Duty State Trooper Killed Another Driver

In 2023 an off-duty Pennsylvania state trooper was involved in a fatal crash. This was not an accident. Instead, it was the result of several bad decisions of the off-duty state trooper. Being late for work is no excuse to put others in danger.

illegal passing injury and wrongful death attorney

Late For Work

On February 11, 2023, a Pennsylvania state trooper was on his way to work. He was running late. With this in mind, the off-duty trooper made the bad decision to pass another driver, illegally crossing double yellow lines.

Fiery Crash Kills Another Driver

According to a witness, the state trooper was tailgating a vehicle before the crash. When the trooper tried to illegally pass this vehicle, he did not see the oncoming vehicle. While the trooper tried to swerve to avoid the crash, it was too late. He crashed into the oncoming driver and both vehicles caught on fire.

News reports state the other driver was trapped in her vehicle and still alive as the flames spread. The other driver screamed for help and honked the horn but was burned to death while trapped inside her vehicle. She survived for about 90 seconds before her vehicle was fully engulfed in flames and she died as a result. The autopsy determined the other driver died of thermal injuries and third- and fourth-degree burns all over her body. She shouldn’t have died this way, and our hearts go out to her surviving family and friends. Her death was completely preventable.

off-duty state trooper kills woman while making illegal pass

Criminal Charges Against State Trooper

An investigation found the trooper had been following too closely and attempted to pass in a no-passing zone, along with several other violations. These charges are part of a vehicular homicide case against the Pennsylvania state trooper. This off-duty trooper broke the law and should face justice.

Officers Of The Law Should Know Better

As a Pennsylvania state trooper, this off-duty officer should have known and behaved better as a driver. I mean, these are the folks on the front lines of most vehicle crashes. They see firsthand the damage caused by bad driving decisions. On or off duty, these are also the folks we trust to help keep us safe. This horrific crash was caused by several bad decisions of one negligent driver who should have known better.

Entirely Preventable

The attorney general stated in a news release that reads: “This case involves the devastating loss of a mother and teacher, made even more tragic because it was entirely preventable,” she continues “We must all remember to practice patience and abide by the laws of the Vehicle Code because, otherwise, we are capable of causing irreparable harm.”

off-duty state trooper kills another driver while making illegal pass

Causing Irreparable Harm

That part of the statement “we are capable of causing irreparable harm” really resonates. Every time you or I get behind the wheel, we have a serious responsibility to abide by the laws of the Vehicle Code. We all have a duty to drive safely and responsibly.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates 94% of crashes are preventable. Drivers are impatient, distracted, and make bad choices that hurt themselves and others.

We are all capable of causing irreparable harm behind the wheel. Let’s remember that our actions, distractions, and bad decisions behind the wheel can cause harm that can’t be fixed or repaired.