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Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Multi-vehicle accident claims are always complicated. The circumstances are always different, but one thing is the same. Insurance doesn’t want to pay more than it has to. Understanding your rights is the first step.

What Is A Multi-Vehicle Accident?

A multi-vehicle accident is any crash involving more than two vehicles. It’s a pile-up mess. They almost always involve some kind of dangerous negligence. Another thing they have in common? Multiple insurance companies. In every situation, we tell anyone injured to talk to a lawyer.

Vehicle Damage In A Multi-Car Collision

In Pennsylvania, your car insurance will cover the repairs to your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to have proper coverage. Your insurance may pursue a claim against the at-fault driver, but it won’t affect you. If you only have car damage after a crash, you probably won’t need a lawyer. But, it doesn’t hurt to get free legal advice.

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Preserving Evidence

Multiple-vehicle crashes involve a lot of evidence. In some situations, vehicles have recording devices. Other times, nearby video cameras record the collision or the acts leading up to the collision. It’s important to act fast to make sure this evidence isn’t destroyed or lost. A lawyer can file a court order to protect and preserve all available evidence.

Injuries After A Multi-Vehicle Crash

People with injuries after a crash should always talk to a lawyer. This is especially true for people injured in a multi-vehicle accident. Why? It’s important to protect your rights to fair compensation. In cases with multiple drivers, you probably aren’t the only one filing a claim.

multi-vehicle accident lawyer

It’s likely several insurance companies will be involved. Insurance companies will look for any excuse to deny your claim. Or, they may make a small offer to trick you into signing away your rights. Before you sign anything or accept any offer from insurance, talk to a lawyer. Most lawyers offer a free case review, but not all lawyers are the same. Finding the right lawyer is important.

When To Talk To A Lawyer

Anyone with injuries related to a multi-vehicle accident should talk to a lawyer. It doesn’t matter if you are a passenger in the at-fault car or the driver or passenger in another car. Get legal advice. Talk to a lawyer as quickly as possible after the accident to preserve all evidence in your case.

Lancaster Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney

When it comes to multi-vehicle accidents, you need an attorney with experience. At Haggerty & Silverman, we’ve been helping people like you since 1994. Our skilled team negotiates with insurance, and when that fails, we take the case to court.

We’ve built our reputation on respect and results. Our attorneys have recovered some of the largest settlements and jury verdicts in the area. Call us for a free consultation and you’ll understand why we’re the best. We care about helping people.