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Meniscus Tear Injury Lawyer

A meniscus tear injury is usually a sports-related injury. But, did you know knee injuries happen for any number of reasons? When an injury leaves you with medical expenses, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact a Pennsylvania injury lawyer for a free legal consultation.

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What Is The Meniscus?

The meniscus is cartilage in the knee. The cartilage acts as a cushion between the shin and thigh bones. Each leg has two menisci.

What Is A Meniscus Tear?

A meniscus tear is a break in the meniscus inside the knee. This type of knee injury is very common. In some cases, a piece of the cartilage breaks off and gets stuck in the knee. The tear causes pain.

Causes Of A Meniscus Tear

There are many situations that can cause a meniscus tear injury. But, the basic causes are simple. Twisting and pressure cause this type of knee injury. Many times, this injury is sports-related. The tear happens while turning and moving. But, a tear can happen in many other situations.

Car Crash Knee Injury

A car crash can cause a meniscus tear. In extreme crashes, the body experiences a traumatic impact. Major collisions bend the frame of the car, pinning body parts like the legs and knees.

Premises Liability Injury

A meniscus tear can happen while walking. Sudden drops in elevation, trip hazards, or slip on a wet floor can lead to leg and knee injuries. Even a bad fall from an elevator or escalator can lead to serious injury. Injuries on someone else’s property fall under premises liability.

Work-Related Meniscus Tear

This type of knee injury can happen at work. When it does, workers’ comp covers a work-related injury. People covered under workers’ compensation have options. Learn more on our workers’ compensation injury page.

meniscus injury treatment

Symptoms Of A Meniscus Tear

People with a knee injury should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms of a torn meniscus include:

  • knee swelling
  • pain focused in the knee
  • a popping feeling at the time of the injury
  • problems bending and straightening the leg
  • knee “locks” while bending

These symptoms may not be bad at first. An injured person might think or hope it will get better on its own. But, without medical treatment, a meniscus tear will get worse.

meniscus tear injury treatment

When To Call An Injury Lawyer

If you believe your injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, talk to a lawyer for advice. Certain situations qualify for money to cover medical treatment, lost income, and more. An injury attorney can help guide you through the legal process.

Pennsylvania Meniscus Tear Injury Layer

If you’re injured in Pennsylvania, call Haggerty & Silverman for a free legal consultation. Our legal team will discuss your situation and legal options – all for free. You don’t pay us anything until we recover money for you.

Our office is located in Lancaster city. We have a convenient, private parking lot and a caring staff. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you in the hospital or in your home.