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Medication Recall Lawsuits

The discovery of NDMAs in popular medications has left a lot of people with questions. Can I sue after a medication recall? Is my medication dangerous?

WARNING: If you take recalled prescription medication, continue taking it as directed. But, it is important to talk to your prescribing doctor immediately.

prescription medication recall lawyer in Philadelphia

What Is A Medication Recall?

When a manufacturer, or the FDA, finds a problem with a medication it is recalled. Additionally, most recalls are voluntary. It is rare the FDA forces a recall.

The issue of a recall tells pharmacies and doctors to stop dispensing the medicine. But, patients aren’t always notified of recalls directly.

Why Are Medications Recalled?

Medications are subject to recall when they do not follow FDA guidelines. There are three classes or triggers for a medication recall.

medication recall lawyer

The Three Classifications Of Recalls

Class I

This type of medication recall represents a serious danger for the patient. Class I medication recalls can cause life-threatening harm. Patients could die or have serious permanent medical complications.

Class II Recall

A class II recall is the most common type of recall. Medications in class II recall cause unlisted side effects. But, these side effects are temporary and/or reversible. Additionally, the side effects are not considered dangerous or life-threatening.

Class III Recall

Medications under class III recall don’t normally pose a threat. There is no risk of injury. Usually, the reason is a basic violation of FDA regulations.

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Medication Recall Lawsuits

Do you have a lawsuit if your medication is recalled? Maybe. Nearly all class III recalls won’t lead to a successful lawsuit. But if your medication is under a class I or II recall, you should talk to a defective drug lawyer about your situation.

Lancaster Personal Injury Law Firm

If you live in Pennsylvania, the lawyers of Haggerty & Silverman might be able to help you. Call for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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