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LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist

Celebrities don’t usually pop on our radar for medical malpractice claims. However, they can experience medical malpractice too. LeAnn Rimes suffered harm as a result of dental malpractice.

LeAnn Rimes filed dental malpractice suit

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LeAnn Rimes Dental Troubles

On February 14, 2013, Ms. Rimes filed a lawsuit against her dentist. Her case alleges the dentist was negligent in the work he performed. LeAnn is seeking compensation for physical, emotional, and psychiatric injuries. She claims the injury resulted from faulty crown placement. LeAnn required several more repairs over three years.

Dental Nightmare

The singer has undergone over twenty-nine dental procedures to correct one bad procedure. One of the corrective procedures left her in even more pain. LeAnn has had to endure nine root canal surgeries.

The singer complained of severe toothaches, chronic gum bleeding, and inflammation. She attributes these symptoms to the crown placements on her teeth. Her claim also seeks to recover damages of lost income. LeAnn was unable to perform in concerts and had to cancel many shows.

Dental Work to Relieve TMJ

Initially, LeAnn was seeking relief from TMJ. The dentist had assured Rimes this dental work would improve her appearance. He also believed it would relieve her TMJ-related pain. TMJ is ‘temporomandibular joint’ and the leading cause of facial pain in patients.

LeAnn Rimes suing dentist

The famous country singer stated that the poor dental work by her dentist has stalled her career. The poor dental work also made her life a dental nightmare.

Dental Malpractice and Product Liability

In this case of dental malpractice, the dentist may be found liable. The court may order him to pay monetary compensation. The court may find the veneers were a faulty product, causing the complications. Dental malpractice claims don’t always have enough financial damages to justify a lawsuit.

Local Dental Malpractice Lawyers

Haggerty Silverman & Justice have been representing injured people like you since 1990. We help injured people in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. If you have questions about a personal injury case, our attorneys are here to help.

If you have suffered dental malpractice, talk to an attorney about your situation. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options with a free case evaluation. Contact us today!