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Leaf Injury

It’s probably hard to think of leaves as dangerous. How could anyone have an injury caused by leaves? But, when leaves accumulate they cause a hazard. Can a leaf injury be grounds for a successful claim?

slip and fall leaf injury lawyer

Slip And Fall Claims

Slip and fall accidents are very common types of personal injury cases. They occur when a person slips and falls on someone else’s property and injures themselves. Anything can cause a fall; from a wet floor, poor lighting, even cracks in sidewalks.

Common Slip And Fall Cause

When many of us think of a slip and fall accident, we usually think of wet or icy surfaces. This is true in most cases. Wet leaves can be as slippery as black ice. Additionally, leaves that gather can hide other hazards on a walkway.

Leaf Injury Is No Laughing Matter

Unbeknownst to many, wet leaves are the cause of more slip and fall accidents than you would suspect. While it may sound silly, it is very serious and can cause severe injury to the victim.

slippery leaves safety hazard

In the Fall, when leaves accumulate on the ground they create a slippery surface that is a danger to those walking. Many people do not understand the dangers of wet leaves

Premises Liability

If someone happens to fall victim to a wet leaf injury, who is responsible? Who pays the medical bills? It depends. The owner of the property could be liable for this injury and may end up getting sued for damages. Pennsylvania premises liability laws the responsibilities of property owners.

dead leaves in a pile - premises liability lawsuits

Premises Liability Law Firm In Lancaster, PA

If you have a slip and fall injury, talk to a local injury attorney. Get free legal advice about your situation in a consultation. If you have a claim, your attorney can help you get the money you deserve.

Lancaster Slip And Fall Attorney

Haggerty & Silverman is a personal injury law firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If you have questions after an injury, we are here to help with a free consultation. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.