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Lancaster Car Accident Attorney

You’re injured in a car accident. You’re injuries will take medical attention and time to heal. Who handles the medical costs? You need the help of a Lancaster car accident attorney.
car accident damage - Lancaster car accident attorney
We understand, there is a hesitation when it comes to injury attorneys. The attorneys that advertise on TV seem phony. You don’t want to need that kind of attorney. We want to believe the other person or insurance will do the right thing. We hear stories all the time. “I thought insurance would cover everything” or “It wasn’t my fault, why am I the one paying for everything?” Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest.

“It wasn’t my fault, why am I the one paying for everything?”

We’re here to help you. We have over 30 years of experience helping people like you.

How a Lancaster Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

How do you know what your total medical costs will be? What about lost income? Will you ever fully recover? When you don’t have experience, it is impossible to figure out what your total costs can be.
medical x-ray of car accident victim
In Pennsylvania there is a statute of limitations. This means you have a specific amount of time to file a claim. In a car accident, you can have injuries that you don’t feel until later. How do you prove your injuries are part of the car accident?
A car accident attorney helps protect you.
An attorney makes the legal connection between your injuries and the accident. We help establish and protect your rights. An attorney will file your claim for you. An experienced attorney can help answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

How We Help You

First, what you’ve been through matters. Our goal is protecting you. Your injuries are important. We meet people every day who are mistreated after a car accident. You may feel like no one believes you.
At Haggerty & Silverman, we offer a no obligation, confidential and free consultation. We discuss the details of your accident and injuries. You are in charge of your case. We provide the legal expertise. You need a friend with legal experience. As medical bills pile up, you need to know you’re in good hands. We work with your doctors and insurance directly.
After the consultation, you decide how you want to proceed. Haggerty & Silverman represents people like you without charging upfront fees. You don’t pay us unless we win money for you.

Not All Attorneys Are The Same

Lancaster car accident attorneys usually charge the same fees. Not all attorneys in the area offer the same experience. Some attorneys have no trial experience. Choosing the wrong one can cost you.
Our lead trial attorney has over 30 years of experience. We are prepared to go to trial for you.
We work as a team here. Our legal team reviews every aspect of your case to ensure the best possible result in your case. You are notified of all progress in your case.
Our goal is protecting you.
If you’re searching for a Lancaster car accident attorney, call or text us. Feel free to fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you.
Contact us today and find out why we’ve been voted the #1 personal injury attorney in Lancaster 4 years in a row.