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Johnson’s Baby Powder Linked To Ovarian Cancer

Johnson’s Baby Powder And Ovarian Cancer

Reuters investigation reports Johnson & Johnson knew for decades there was a problem. Johnson’s Baby Powder is dangerous. Why? Because of asbestos. Internal documents and memos show J&J was aware of asbestos in the talcum powder used in its product. Yet, the company continued to put profit over consumer safety and health.

johnson's baby powder linked to ovarian cancer - lancaster injury lawyer

Why Is Johnson’s Baby Powder Dangerous?

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder is a popular product for personal hygiene. It’s not only great for babies, but many adults use it too. Additionally, many women use it for feminine hygiene. This would be okay if the talc powder were safe. But over the decades, women have been reporting cancers linked to asbestos exposure.

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Ovarian Cancer Linked To Johnson’s Baby Powder

It is widely known and understood that asbestos causes several types of cancer. Asbestos causes unique forms of cancer not caused by any other exposure. Scientists and doctors have claimed for years there is a link to asbestos and Johnson’s Baby Powder. Johnson & Johnson has claimed for years there is no link.

But, many have accused Johnson & Johnson of selling a product that contains dangerous materials. That dangerous material is asbestos. In fact, a recent Reuters investigation sheds light on the subject.

newspaper cancer story - Johnson's Baby Powder causes cancer

Johnson & Johnson Claims Their Baby Powder Is Safe

Johnson & Johnson has denied knowing of any asbestos in their product. They even have a website dedicated to “educating” the public about the safety of their product. But, you have to consider the source. Can you trust a corporation to do what is best for individual people?

Reuters Investigation Against Johnson & Johnson

Reuters looked at many internal documents released as part of a court order. Many internal messages, memos, and emails show Johnson & Johnson knew of asbestos in their talcum powder. This information contradicts what Johnson & Johnson has been publicly claiming for decades. In fact, the company hid test results from regulators. This proves the company continued to knowingly produce a dangerous product.

raw talc powder may contain asbestos - lancaster ovarian cancer lawyer

Differing Opinions About Talcum Powder

It’s true, there are differing opinions on the safety of using Johnson’s Baby Powder. Talcum powder isn’t necessarily dangerous, but asbestos is very dangerous. Talc is a mineral that mainly contains magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. In its natural form, some talc can contain contaminants like asbestos. Many women use Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder, but not all have cancer. Additionally, not every person that smokes cigarettes gets lung cancer.

Court Cases Against Johnson’s Baby Powder

A jury has awarded 22 women a $4.14 billion (with a “b”) verdict. These women were able to prove asbestos in the talc-based powder caused their ovarian cancer. Though, Johnson & Johnson stated they will appeal the decision. In light of documents released recently, their appeal may not be so successful.

Across the country, women have had mixed results against Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder. Some cases are successful and yield large verdicts. Not every case is successful in proving cancer happened because of the baby powder. Having a good lawyer with experience in product liability can help your case. You can be sure Johnson & Johnson have an experienced team on their side.

Experienced Baby Powder Law Firm

The experienced legal team at Haggerty & Silverman can help you. If you suspect your cancer was caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder, contact a lawyer today. Our legal team is here to help you understand your options. Call or text us anytime at 717-397-3200. Or, fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

We believe in helping people. That’s why we don’t charge you legal fees unless we recover money for you.