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Johnson Baby Powder Discontinued

Johnson Baby Powder has been the focus of thousands of cancer lawsuits over the years. But in a recent move, Johnson & Johnson stopped making their talc-based product. J&J discontinued its talc-based powder.

johnson baby powder cancer lawyer

Johnson Baby Powder Cancer

For years, doctors, patients, and lawyers have argued the dangers of Johnson Baby Powder. Sadly, many people that have used the product develop life-threatening cancer. Yet, Johnson & Johnson denies their baby powder is dangerous. The company points to years of internal testing confirming the safety of its talc-based powder. But, this isn’t the entire truth.

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What Is Johnson Baby Powder?

Baby powder is a talc-based personal hygiene product. The company introduced this product in 1894 for baby care and adult hygiene purposes. Many parents use a form of baby powder to prevent diaper rash. Adults also use the powder for a variety of reasons: dry shampoo, between-shower refresher, and more.

Why Does Johnson Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

Some baby powder products contain crushed talc. Talc is a soft mineral mined from the earth. But, talc is not pure in its natural form. Many times, talc is contaminated with other minerals and substances. Varying amounts of asbestos are commonly found in talc. In the 1960s, it was discovered asbestos causes specific types of cancer.

talc powder cancer attorney

Asbestos Levels In Talc Powder

Asbestos poses a problem in talc-based body powder. Science shows that repeated exposure to asbestos raises the risk of certain cancers. Breathing in particles of asbestos causes mesothelioma. Exposure to sensitive body parts can lead to other types of cancer.

Asbestos Exposure Compared To Smoking

When you look at asbestos exposure in baby powder, we can relate it to smoking cigarettes. Not so long ago, companies marketed cigarettes as a health remedy. Smoking one cigarette isn’t likely to cause lung cancer. Additionally, some people can smoke cigarettes most of their life without complications. But for most people, cigarettes cause lung cancer and other health problems.

Exposure to asbestos is similar. A little exposure to a small amount one time doesn’t always cause cancer. Repeated exposure, even to small amounts, increases the risk of cancer exponentially.

Why Did Johnson & Johnson Stop Making Baby Powder?

Johnson & Johnson claim people aren’t interested in its talc-based baby powder anymore. Since people aren’t buying the product, the company decided to stop making it.

The Real Reason Johnson Baby Powder Is Discontinued

There is evidence J&J knew for years its product had certain levels of asbestos in the talc. Through years of lawsuits and discovery in various court cases, we’ve learned the truth. Over the years, J&J publicly denied the truth. Yet secretly, company emails and internal documents show a willful disregard for consumer health and safety.

johnson's baby powder linked to ovarian cancer - lancaster injury lawyer

Johnson Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson lost millions of dollars in jury verdicts against the company. Evidence uncovered in recent years shows the company was fully aware of the problems with its talc-based powder. Yet, the company continued to deny the link with its product and cancer. Now, the evidence is undeniable. The evidence has made consumers aware and shut down this dangerous product.

When To Call A Product Liability Lawyer

If you used Johnson Baby Powder and have cancer linked to asbestos, talk to a product liability lawyer. Product liability lawyers provide free consultations.

Lancaster Product Liability Law Firm

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