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Injury Claims Against The Amish

Is it possible to file injury claims against the Amish? It doesn’t happen often, but people do get injured in situations involving the Amish. Sometimes, we even see incidents involving Amish pets, farm animals, or equipment. Usually, it is a farm animal versus a car. When an Amish person is at fault, how does the law help the injured person?

injury claims against the amish - lancaster attorney

Accidents Involving Amish Are Rare

You are more likely to get into a crash with another car. But, there are a lot of horse and buggies on our Pennsylvania roads. Sometimes the horse reacts unexpectedly. Or, a farm animal gets loose and causes damage. It can be difficult to know where to turn when a member of the Amish community is at fault. Where do you start?

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Who Was At Fault?

Determining fault and liability is one of the first steps to build an injury claim. A police report is valuable in determining fault. A police report will include witnesses and other helpful information.

What Are The Actual Damages?

In any injury lawsuit, there needs to be a physical injury. Additionally, the injury requires medical treatment of some kind. Time off work and medical expenses are all reimbursable costs.

horse and buggy injury lawyer

Who Pays For The Injury?

The Amish community is self-insured. This means they have a fund to provide financial restitution when necessary. But, like insurance, the elders want to see proof of losses and medical treatment.

Do The Amish Pay Injury Claims?

If you are injured through the actions or neglect of an Amish person, they will typically accept responsibility. If you feel you need a lawyer’s help, find a reputable lawyer. A lawsuit isn’t always necessary. But, a good lawyer can help guide you through your options.

amish dog bite injury lawyer

Free Legal Advice

Most times, we advise people to get legal advice for their situation. Call or text us anytime and we’ll listen to your injury situation. Since each situation is different, there might be several options for compensation.

Lancaster Injury Law Firm

The attorneys of Haggerty & Silverman help injured people in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. If you’ve been injured in Pennsylvania, call us for a free legal consultation. We don’t charge you any legal fees unless we recover money for you.