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Independent Contractor Injury

We get a lot of questions about worker’s comp and construction site injury situations. But, independent contractor injury questions are different. We are here to help!

Do you have questions about an independent contractor injury? Contact us for a free consultation with a lawyer.

independent contractor injury lawyer in Lancaster, PA

What Is An Independent Contractor?

The employment laws in Pennsylvania define when a person is an employee. However, some employers will call their employers “independent contractors.” But, what is an independent contractor?
The definition of an independent contractor in PA is simple. The person must meet the following criteria to be an independent contractor:

  • The individual is free from control or direction over the performance of such service, both under his contract of service and in fact.
  • The individual is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, profession, or business.

If a person does not meet the above criteria, they are an employee under PA employment law. Injured employees receive workers compensation. But, independent contractor injury claims are more complex.

job site injury and wrongful death lawyer

Independent Contractor Injury Claims

When an independent contractor injury occurs, speak to a lawyer. A lawyer will help you protect your rights and ability to file a claim. In some cases, a lawyer can get you money for medical bills and lost income. Extreme injury and wrongful death cases have larger payouts.

construction site contractor injury

Independent Contractor Injury Lawyer

We recommend any injured independent contractor to speak to an experienced injury lawyer. While your own insurance may cover some of your injury, you should know all your options. A lawyer can identify each responsible party to get you the best financial recovery.
Haggerty & Silverman has been helping injured independent contractors since 1990. Get a free consultation with one of our lawyers to discuss your injury situation. We will help you figure out if you have a claim and the best way to proceed.
Call or text our office at 717-397-3200. Or, fill out our online form to schedule your free legal consultation.