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Incredible Acts Of Driver Negligence 2024

There have always been negligent drivers on the road. It seems that each year some drivers go to extremes to be as negligent as possible. Here are some of the top stories of driver negligence from the past year.

Sleeping Tesla Driver

As drivers get comfortable with technology taking the wheel, some get too comfortable. It’s not the first time a Tesla driver has been spotted sleeping behind the wheel, but it does highlight a growing problem. Some drivers ignore the requirement that they remain alert and in control while using driver-assist features.

sleeping driver negligence

These drivers don’t seem to understand or care about the dangers this behavior creates for themselves and others. You wouldn’t want to ride in an airplane with a sleeping pilot, we shouldn’t share the road with sleeping drivers.

Speeding Drivers On The Highway

Across the US, states have documented a massive increase in drivers speeding on the highways. In 3 years, more than 4,000 drivers in one state were caught traveling more than 100 MPH on the highway. Think of all the drivers that weren’t caught. Some of the drivers had no proof of insurance. Think about that. Can you imagine the harm they would do without any financial protection for themselves or those they injure?

It’s important to remember that speed limits aren’t suggestions. Different drivers have different abilities and reaction times. All vehicles handle differently at different speeds, too. Speed limits ensure the roads are safer for everyone sharing the road.

Speeding Drivers In Pennsylvania
Distracted Driving Accidents
Distracted Driving Injury

Drivers Wearing VR Headsets

As VR headsets gain popularity, so do the people trying to push the envelope. Soon after release of the Apple Vision Pro VR headset, videos online showed drivers wearing the headset while traveling on the highway. The drivers are obviously distracted and at least some of their vision is blocked by their devices and virtual screens.

The driver in this video claims they only used the headset for 30-40 seconds. At highway speeds, he traveled more than half a mile while fully distracted.

Currently, all vehicles with driver-assist technology still require the driver to remain alert and able to take control at all times. Even minor distractions at highway speeds can have deadly consequences. Driving while wearing a VR headset is an incredible act of driver negligence!

Driver Negligence Hurts People

As a personal injury law firm, we meet people who were injured by negligent drivers every day. Speeding and distractions are the top causes of vehicle crashes. In most situations, a crash is preventable when drivers follow the rules of the road. Simply put, driver negligence hurts people.

Personal Injury Law Firm

If you have been hurt by a negligent driver, contact an injury attorney for help. A personal injury attorney at Haggerty Silverman & Justice can help you with a free case evaluation. You don’t pay us anything unless we recover money for you.