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Increase In Nursing Home Neglect

For many elderly people, nursing homes provide them with comfort and the best possible care. Families gain peace of mind knowing their loved one always has someone to care for them. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched nursing home staff too thin. There is a troubling increase in nursing home neglect cases in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania sees increase in nursing home neglect

Deaths Blamed On Neglect

During this global pandemic, proper elderly care is critical to keep our seniors safe. The Associated Press estimates that with every two COVID-19 related deaths of victims in long term care, there is an additional death caused by neglect. The spread of COVID-19 is not a reasonable excuse for the increase in nursing home neglect.

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Failure To Thrive

In many cases where elderly neglect is involved, the exact cause of death can be quite vague and is oftentimes considered “failure to thrive.” But, it’s important to get the facts. Starvation, thirst, and poor hygiene are common factors leading to these unfortunate and unnecessary deaths. Declining mental health is another factor. Isolation plunges the victim into a state of despair which can severely impact the general wellbeing of the victim.

nursing home patient neglect

Neglect Related To COVID-19

COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem, sending nursing homes around the country into overdrive. There are not enough healthcare workers to look after all nursing home residents and provide them all with the proper care they deserve, especially without the presence of volunteers and visitors. This cannot be accepted as an unsolvable problem. Nursing home facilities must find a way to accommodate every single elder that is in their care.

Neglect In Nursing Homes

Though the pandemic has undoubtedly escalated this issue, neglect has been present in nursing homes for as long as they have existed. Elderly neglect is not acceptable under any circumstances, including this global pandemic. Now more than ever, our elders need the best care possible. But, many nursing homes failed to prepare at the beginning of the pandemic.

pennsylvania coronavirus exposure lawyer

Laws Protect The Elderly

Haggerty & Silverman wants you to know your rights when you fear elderly neglect is occurring. The Federal Nursing Home Reform Act has set standards and rights for people living in certified nursing facilities.
If you suspect that a loved one in a nursing home facility is being neglected or abused, make sure they are not in immediate danger and contact a lawyer to take the next steps in filing a claim. If abuse or neglect is present, a lawyer can help you and your loved one get compensation accordingly.

Pennsylvania Nursing Home Neglect Law Firm

Each state has different laws concerning nursing home neglect and abuse. It is important to talk to a lawyer in the state where the abuse occurred. A local lawyer can explain what you may be entitled to as a victim of neglect. At Haggerty and Silverman we care about people. We want to help end neglect or abuse promptly and get people the compensation they deserve.

Free Legal Consultations

If you have questions about a nursing home neglect claim in Pennsylvania, call Haggerty & Silverman for a free legal consultation. Call us today at 717-397-3200. Consultations are free and confidential. You never pay us anything unless we recover money for you.