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Hunting Injuries

Hunting is a tradition for many families and friends in Pennsylvania. Many people safely hunt each year. But, accidents and injuries do happen. Hunters and bystanders experience injuries related to hunting. What are your options if you have a hunting-related injury?

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Teen Killed By Hunter

A Bucks County teen was sitting in a park with his girlfriend. The teen was shot by a hunter and died as a result. A hunter who had violated hunting ordinances ended the life of the young man. In tragic situations like this, family members should talk to a wrongful death lawyer.

Man Dies In Fall From Tree Stand

A hunter in Fayette County fell from a tree stand and died. Police believe a faulty tree stand may have caused the fall. When a faulty product causes injury or death, a product liability lawyer can help.

Defective Crossbow Injury

Product defects can cause serious harm. Certain crossbows have known safety defects. Learn more about crossbow injury lawsuits.

hunting injury lawsuits

Hunting Injury Information

This raises the question of “Who is responsible for a hunting accident injury?” Here is the information you need to know about hunting accident injuries:

Common Causes Of Hunting Injuries

When we look at why hunting injuries happen, there are several main reasons people get hurt. Here are the common causes of these injuries:

  • hunter judgment mistakes
  • safety rule violations
  • intoxication
  • improper target
  • faulty hunting products
  • dangerous property conditions

What To Do After A Hunting Injury

Seek Medical Care

If you are injured due to a hunting accident, you or someone else must contact medical assistance immediately. This is the scariest part of a hunting injury. Many times hunters are alone, far from other people. Additionally, cell service in remote locations is spotty at best.

Document Evidence

Document the situation as best you can if you are able. Get identification information of anyone involved in your injury. Take pictures of the incident and your wounds. Speak with any witnesses if you are able. If applicable, file a police report. It’s important to remember, most hunting injuries are accidental.

Documenting your medical expenses, rehabilitation, and lost income is the next step. You may be able to claim future potential earning losses in the event you can no longer work.

hunting stand injury lawsuits

Who is Responsible?

There can be multiple entities responsible for the events that lead to a hunting injury. The most common is the gun operator. Other parties could also be responsible, like manufacturers or property owners. The law can assign responsibility based on many factors.

Gun Owner Negligence

The gun owner can also be held liable whether or not they were involved in the shooting. Gun owners are responsible for the safekeeping of their weapons and can be deemed negligent. In most situations, those injured can open a claim under the gun owner’s homeowner’s insurance.

Property Owner Responsibility

There are situations where a property owner might be responsible for a hunting injury. Additionally, an owner of a tree stand or ladder stand could be responsible for injuries. An experienced premises liability lawyer can help.

Manufacturer Liability

Defective products can cause serious injuries. Hunters’ lives depend on hunting stands and safety equipment. A gun manufacturer can also be held liable. If the gun misfired or is otherwise defective, the manufacturer might bear responsibility. Were you injured by a defective product? A product liability lawyer can help you.

pennsylvania hunter injuries

Do You Have A Hunting Injury Lawsuit?

If you were shot or otherwise injured in a hunting accident, you may have a legal claim. Contacting a hunting injury attorney is important to understand your rights.

Pennsylvania Hunting Injury Law Firm

Your life can drastically change after a hunting accident. Get real legal advice from an experienced Pennsylvania injury law firm. Haggerty Silverman & Justice offers free injury consultations.