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How To Find A Good Injury Lawyer

It’s not hard to find an injury lawyer. But, how do you know if your injury lawyer is good or bad? We’re going to share a few tips to help you find a good injury lawyer. We’ll also help you avoid bad injury lawyers.

searching for good injury lawyers in lancaster, pa

Searching For A Good Injury Lawyer

Most people searching for an injury lawyer look online or call an attorney they saw on TV. It’s probably how you ended up here. That’s okay! We’re here to help you find a good injury lawyer.

Signs of a Good Injury Lawyer

When searching for an injury lawyer, a free consultation helps you and the attorney. A consultation is a two-sided interview process. In the consultation, you can figure out if an injury lawyer is good or not. Here are some signs of a good injury lawyer:

  • Talks To You
  • Values Your Time
  • Explains the Process
  • Organized
  • Lets You Make the Decisions

Talks To You

Do you even get to talk to a real lawyer when you contact their office? Sure, attorneys are busy people. But, a good injury attorney always makes time to respond. You should never agree to work with an attorney you haven’t even met.

Values Your Time

A good attorney values your time. Does your attorney dedicate their attention to you? Or, are they too busy taking other calls during your meeting? A good injury attorney values your time and devotes their attention to you in every meeting or call.

Explains the Process

During your consultation, the attorney should explain how their process works. There might not be an exact timeline of events, but you should understand the steps involved in your claim. The situation might change during your claim. A good injury attorney explains the changes so you understand.


Is the attorney organized? Do they take notes when they meet with you? Does your attorney remember the details? A good injury attorney keeps all your information organized.

Lets You Make the Decisions

Your injury attorney works to negotiate on your behalf. This means you’re the one that makes the decisions. If insurance makes an offer in your injury claim, your attorney must tell you. At every step, a good injury attorney discusses the options and lets you choose how to proceed.

Avoid Bad Injury Attorneys

When you meet with an injury attorney, it might be hard to figure out if they are a bad attorney. Use the information above to figure it out. But, you can do a little research on your attorney before you choose an attorney to handle your claim.

tips to avoid bad injury attorneys

Research Disciplinary Actions

Does your attorney have current or past disciplinary actions against them? In Pennsylvania, people can search this website by lawyer name for any disciplinary actions.

High-Pressure Injury Attorneys

Does the injury attorney pressure you to sign up right away at their office? Remember, you are the boss. Any high-pressure tactics should be a red flag.

Don’t Get Discouraged

If you’re still searching, don’t get discouraged if you get turned down by one (or multiple) injury law firms. Sometimes you just need to find the right injury attorney for your case. We’ve helped injured people that were turned down by other firms.

Lancaster good injury lawyer Howard Silverman

Good Injury Lawyers in Lancaster, PA

If you’re looking for a good injury lawyer in Lancaster County, give us a call. We would love the opportunity to discuss your situation and how we might help. Call us for a free injury consultation. One of our injury lawyers will be happy to answer any questions you have.