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How Much Is My Injury Worth?

How Dollar Amounts are Assigned to Personal Injury Lawsuits

Each year, there are many lawsuits filed on behalf of injured people. Yet, many people are unaware of how personal injuries translate into a dollar value. A common question people ask us is: What is my injury worth?

injury value - what is an injury worth?

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • What are your injuries?
  • Are your injuries serious or permanent?
  • How did this incident happen?
  • Have you received medical care?
  • Do you need future medical care?
  • Are your injuries pre-existing?
  • Is your lifestyle affected?
  • Do you have limited mobility?
  • Have you missed work?
  • Will you be able to return to work?

Depending on your injury, there may be more questions. The answers to these questions lead to how insurance companies calculate an offer. That’s why it’s important to talk to a lawyer BEFORE insurance. Don’t assume you need to take the first offer from insurance. Speak to an injury lawyer for free.
A free consultation with an injury attorney will help you understand your options. The attorney will assess the information about your injury. This includes its occurrence, your employment, the impact on your job, life and family, etc.
Skilled attorneys can explain how the process works. They can also tell you how insurance will assign a dollar value to your injury. Each case is different in regards to the distinct details of each incident. A lawyer can’t promise you a specific settlement amount. But, they might give an estimate based on their experience.

best lancaster injury lawyer - what are injuries worth

Here are the key factors to determine the dollar value of your case:

Medical Bills

Any medical bills generated from the direct aftermath of the injury until settlement. Projected medical expenses are added for the duration of the injured party’s life.

Pain and Suffering

Recurring pain caused by the injury. Any pain related to the injury is worth money.

Lost Wages/Employment

Any lost wages are recoverable. This is a specific amount determined by missed days from work as required by your doctor. In the event that you aren’t able to work, your calculated salary is recoverable. If you must take a lower-paying job because of the injury, this is worth money.

Investigating Medical Bills

The injured person will provide all medical bills related to the injury. As a rule of thumb, the higher the medical bills, the higher the severity of the injury. Injured parties may receive a higher dollar value for the case if the medical bills are very high. For example, $100,000 in medical bills shows an injury was very serious. Additionally, a person with $1,000 or less in medical bills can’t expect a million dollar settlement.
If the injured person requires future medical treatment, the value increases. Settlement terms determine if this is paid up front until the injured party recovers. Or, if payments are necessary for the rest of the injured person’s life.

Assessing Pain and Suffering

There is a simple way to understand pain and suffering. First, is the actual physical pain. That is easy. Second is the suffering. How has your injury affected your life? Additionally, how will it affect the rest of your life? Suffering is a little more difficult to determine because “suffering” means different things to different claims adjusters.
Whether a simple fracture or invasive surgery with steel plates, injuries cause pain. The injured person deserves compensation. When even daily tasks become difficult, this is suffering. A personal injury attorney will evaluate the dollar value for pain and suffering.

Evaluating Lost Income

Income loss is devastating. A skilled attorney will calculate the amount of income the injured person has lost. This includes future loss of wages. The amount of income lost due to an injury can be recovered in the lawsuit settlement. If the injured person is unable to complete normal job duties, this may result in the loss of employment. Sometimes, they can move to a lower-paying position. When a person loses their job due to an injury, a skilled attorney will secure compensation.
A reduction in income because of an injury is also considered when submitting a claim. Even a minor reduction in hourly wage can be huge over the course of one’s career.

Complicated Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims aren’t so easy to navigate. Determining injury worth is confusing! It’s why so many people consult an injury attorney. It’s true, not every injured person needs an injury lawyer. In most cases, an injury lawyer will be able to secure a larger settlement for your injury. The only way to understand the dollar amount you should expect from insurance is to talk to a lawyer.

pain and suffering injury compensation lawyer

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