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Gun Barrel Explosion Injury

Gun Barrel Explosion Injury

Safety is a big concern for hunters. The clothing they wear makes them easy to spot. The gear they carry is well thought-out. There have been many changes to help keep hunters safe. One area of regulation is untouched. Gun safety recalls. If a gun is defective, there is no regulation to force a recall. A gun barrel explosion injury can be severe or fatal.
In Lancaster County, hunting is a tradition. It is a right of passage for many children to go hunting with dad. Businesses will shut down for the first day of hunting season. It is ingrained in our lifestyle.

gun barrel explosion injury - hunters wearing safety gear

hunting injuries can be extremely dangerous – hunt with friends.

Hunting with a Defective Rifle

Hunters usually drive to remote locations to hunt. They get up early in the predawn to get to their hunting spot. A hunter will stay in the same spot for hours waiting for game. Imagine the excitement of all the hard work finally paying off. The hunter lines up the shot. Pull the trigger and boom! The gun barrel explodes in your hands and face.

A Dangerous Situation

A hunter is usually alone. They hunt remote locations where their prey will likely live. A hunter will walk miles away from their car. Cell service is usually spotty or non-existent. Medical help is often very far away. When a hunter suffers a gun barrel explosion injury in can get worse quick.

Gun Manufacturer Liability

A gun barrel explosion injury can be caused by many factors. Who is at fault? Was the gun loaded correctly? Was the right ammo used? Is the gun maintained? Were the proper materials used in manufacturing? This type of case falls under product liability.

hunting injury law firm Haggerty & Silverman

Recent Cases Against Savage Arms

Gun manufacturer Savage Arms makes the 10ML-II muzzleloader. Several plaintiffs have sued Savage Arms. The cases involve gun barrel explosion injury claims from the 10ML-II. Plaintiffs claim the muzzleloader is defective. At least three cases have been settled out of court on a confidential basis since 2016.
Martin Crimp, a metals expert from Michigan State University found a problem. In one 10ML-II that exploded in 2009, he found the barrel of the gun “metallurgically defective.” Other experts have come to similar findings in separate cases against Savage Arms. They have found the barrel prone to failure after repeated firings.

Savage Arms maintains there is nothing wrong with the 10ML-II. Their website instructs users to strictly follow directions for loading.

deer season is a common time for gun barrel explosion injury

Danger of Gun Barrel Explosion Injury

The weak metal poses a danger to many hunters. When the barrel explodes, the injuries are horrible and disfiguring. Many victims suffer burns, damaged or destroyed fingers and worse. If you have a Savage Arms 10ML-II, exercise extreme caution.

Victims of Gun Barrel Explosion Injury

If you are the victim of a gun barrel explosion injury, call a lawyer today. Here at Haggerty & Silverman, our legal team wants to help you. Call or text us today at 717-397-3200, a member of our legal team will discuss your case. Fill out our online contact form and one of our lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible.


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