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Furniture Tip-Over Injury Lawyer

Injuries and wrongful deaths related to TV and furniture tip-over occur every year. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 22,500 people in the United States visit emergency rooms each year for injuries caused by tip-over accidents. These accidents are easily avoidable when furniture and TVs come with the proper hardware to prevent tip-over. 

furniture tip-over injury lawsuits

Children Most At Risk

44% of furniture tip-over injuries at the ER are children under the age of 18. Young children view large furniture as a fun object to crawl on. They will often pull out drawers and use them as a step. This creates a dangerous situation. The large piece of furniture may not only tip over on them, but they can remain trapped under it until someone finds them. This can lead to serious injury or even death.

IKEA Tip-Over Death Lawsuit

In 2017, a toddler suffocated under an IKEA MALM dresser. The 3-drawer dresser fell onto the small child, pinning him under its weight. The parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against IKEA in a Philadelphia court. In 2020, IKEA and the Dudek family settled the lawsuit for $46 million.

This wasn’t the first lawsuit against IKEA and its MALM line of dressers. IKEA has previously settled other lawsuits related to MALM dressers. The company even started providing wall-mount kits to secure the dressers and prevent tip-overs.

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Tip-Over Injury And Wrongful Death Claims

Furniture and TV manufacturers have an obligation to warn customers of tip-over risks. Additionally, if a piece of furniture will tip over with typical use, the manufacturer must provide hardware to properly secure the furniture to prevent tip-over.

Warning Customers Of Tip-Over Risk

Warning customers to secure furniture and TVs properly is not the only thing that manufacturers can do. In addition to this, they can develop designs with built-in safety features. Manufacturers have a duty of care to their customers that they must fulfill. If their products are causing thousands of injuries and deaths per year, they must be held accountable for these incidents.

flat panel TV tip-over injury claims

Do I Have A Furniture Tip-Over Claim?

A furniture tip-over injury claim depends on several factors:

  • Were your or a loved one injured by a furniture tip-over?
  • Did the injury require medical treatment?
  • Were you or the loved one the original purchaser of the furniture?
  • Did the piece of furniture include a tip-over warning?
  • Was a wall anchor kit provided at the time of purchase?

If you believe you have a claim, talk to an injury attorney. An experienced injury attorney can investigate your claim. When possible, an injury attorney can represent you to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

Furniture Tip-Over Attorney

While financial compensation does not take away from the emotional and physical pain that a tip-over injury causes, it may help pave the road to recovery. Additionally, a successful claim motivates furniture manufacturers to improve the safety of their products. This can prevent tragedies in the future.

Every situation is different, so it is important to speak with a trusted attorney to discuss your case. At Kane and Silverman, we care about you and want to get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact us for a free legal consultation with a personal injury attorney.