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Fireworks Injury Lawyer

Fireworks Injury

Big fireworks are now legal in PA. I remember when I was a kid. Another kid on the block had some bottle rocket fireworks. A lot of them. We were so excited to set them off. We didn’t obey the instructions for setting them off. As young teens, we never considered the dangers. I don’t even know if they were legal back then. But the fact was, we shouldn’t have had them. We were too young. We could have had a fireworks injury and I’d be telling that story instead.

dangerous fireworks use injury attorney - Haggerty & Silverman in Lancaster, PA

This is dangerous. NEVER use fireworks like this guy!

For many years, Pennsylvanians could only buy certain fireworks. We could buy sparklers, smoke bombs, and other ground fireworks. In 2017, the laws changed to allow aerial fireworks.

Not All Fireworks Are Legal In PA

While new laws allow most fireworks, certain types are still not available. Display grade fireworks still need a special permit. M80’s, M100’s, cherry bombs, and several others are still illegal to buy in PA.

Dangerous Fireworks

Fireworks are hazardous. They are tiny explosives. Sometimes they are strapped to rockets and zoom about uncontrolled before they explode. They can injure people and damage property.

aerial fireworks are now legal in Pennsylvania - Lancaster area injury law firm

Determining Fireworks Injury Liability

Liability in a fireworks injury case depends on many factors. Usually, the liability falls on the property owner. If a property owner is setting off fireworks in an unsafe manner, you could suffer injury. When fireworks are still hot and set fire to a neighbor house, the property owner could be liable. This falls under premises liability.
When new fireworks explode in the wrong way and cause injury, there could be another issue. The fireworks might not have been stored in the proper way at the store. Additionally, a manufacturing defect can cause severe injury. A problem with storage or producing the firework shifts the liability. The blame could rest on the store owner or manufacturer. These might be considered a product liability claim.

fireworks display injury - lancaster firecracker injury law firm Haggerty & Silverman

What To Do After A Fireworks Injury

First and most important, seek medical help. Any major injuries should be seen by a medical professional, either at the ER or urgent care.
Second, collect any evidence of the injury. This includes scraps left over from the explosion, videos, and pictures. Keep any medical bills related to the injury.
Third, write down everything that happened. Speak to anyone else who was there and may have seen it. Ask them to write down what happened in their own words.

aerial fireworks are legal in PA - Lancaster fireworks injury law firm Haggerty & Silverman

Getting Help After A Fireworks Injury

After getting medical attention, you’ll likely need help paying all the medical bills. That’s where we come in. A Lancaster area injury attorney can help you recover money in your injury case. Call us for a free consultation. Get free advice for your situation and answers to your questions. Understand your options before you sign anything.

Lancaster Fireworks Injury Law Firm

At Haggerty & Silverman, we focus on personal injury law. That’s it. We don’t charge legal fees unless we recover money for you. It’s all because we understand how tough it can be to suffer an injury and get stuck with the bills. We are Lancaster’s trusted injury law firm. Give us a call or text today at 717-397-3200. Or fill out our online contact form and a member of our legal team will contact you.